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Integrated Field Reviews

Since 2016, each Vermont supervisory union or school district has taken part in the Integrated Field Review (IFR) process. The IFR is an in-person examination of the implementation of Vermont’s Education Quality Standards. The IFR happens once every three years for each of Vermont's Supervisory Unions/Districts. (SU/SD)

The IFR is conducted by a team of educators from neighboring school systems, working together with AOE staff. They visit the SU/SD for a day-long, in-person visit. The visiting team records what they read, learn from interviews and observe.

The IFR team issues a final report written at the end of an Integrated Field Review. The report features two SU/SD level commendations and recommendations in each of the five domains of the Education Quality Standards.

The Integrated Field Review process has five primary objectives:

  • to understand continuous improvement efforts and local decisions regarding Education Quality Standards implementation;
  • to recognize the full range of outcomes we expect schools to deliver;
  • to identify promising practices to share with other school systems;
  • to create networking opportunities among geographically proximate school systems; and
  • to build a collective responsibility for all students in Vermont.

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