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Education Quality Standards

The Education Quality Standards, or EQS, describe what a high-quality education should look like for students attending Vermont’s public schools.  The Rules are an update to 1997’s School Quality Standards, and were approved by the Vermont State Board of Education in 2013, going into effect on April 5, 2014.

Variance and Waiver Request

Upon written request of a school board, and after opportunity for hearing, the State Board of Education may approve an alternative method for meeting the requirements of these rules when
a. the alternative method is consistent with the intent of the rule;
b. the variance permits the school board to carry out locally-established objectives; and
c. the granting of the variance does not contravene any state or federal law, any federal regulation, or any rule of any state agency other than the State Board of Education, unless such rules themselves permit the granting of a waiver or variance.

The procedure for submitting a Waiver Request Form to the Agency of Education and State Board of Education is as follows:

1) The superintendent and school board chairperson shall complete and sign the attached Waiver Request Submittal Form to the Vermont Agency of Education and State Board of Education.
2) The completed Waiver Request Form and supporting documents shall be sent to the Agency of Education contact referenced at the bottom of the form.

Education Quality Standards Waiver Memo
Online Waiver Request Form
Waiver Request Form - Print Version

EQS requirements have resulted in the creation or continuation of multiple prominent AOE-led education initiatives, including:

•             Integrated Field Reviews

•             Proficiency-based learning

•             Proficiency-based graduation requirements

•             An expansion of Vermont’s required Curriculum Content Areas and Transferable Skills

•             Vermont Multi-tiered System of Supports (VTmtss)

•             Local-level Continuous Improvement Plans

•             Local Comprehensive Assessment Systems

•             Flexible Pathways (originally mandated in Act 77)

•             Personalized Learning Plans (originally mandated in Act 77)

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