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Home Study

Every family in Vermont has the right to educate their own children. All students in Vermont must be enrolled at an approved public or independent school or enroll in a home study program. 

Home Study and Home Schooling mean the same thing; the family is responsible for educating the students. Families must develop their own curriculum, or purchase a curriculum to implement or they can enroll their students in an online program/academy. The family will determine which best meets their needs. 

The Agency of Education’s Home Study Team functions as a processor of home study programs – not a school. There are some minimum standards that the State of Vermont has determined all Home Study Programs must meet, and we are responsible for ensuring that all programs are in compliance with the requirements in 16 VSA §166b. By enrolling in a Home Study Program, families choose not to access a publicly funded education. There is no money available to pay for a Home Study Program at either the State level or the local level.     

Students enrolled in home study do not receive grades or diplomas from the State. We maintain records documenting that students satisfactorily meet all necessary standards, and confirm with school districts all who are enrolled with us so they can accurately enforce truancy laws. 



Enrollment Forms Update and Re-enrollment Changes 

Home Study Vermont has new enrollment and re-enrollment forms.  

In response to the May 2023 updates to Home Study law, the Agency of Education has created a new way to enroll students in a Home Study program.  

First-time enrollments 

  • Students enrolling in Home Study for the first time will submit the following: 
    • A Notice of Intent form.  
    • Independent Professional Evidence (or a copy of a public Vermont school report card.) 


  • Families of re-enrolling students (even if the student has since returned to school) will submit an Annual Notice form.  

Please see explanations of these forms and printable versions in the Enrollment section of this page.

Home Study Updates Summer 2023

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, Governor Scott signed H-0461.  Within this bill is language that updates the current Home Study program rules in 16 V.S.A. 166b.  The changes in this bill are significant as the process for enrolling in home study is being simplified beginning on July 1, 2023. Please refer to the following changes and suggestions regarding students who enroll in home study programs. 

Home Study FAQ: 2023 Policy Update

Legislative Changes: 

  • Enrollment/Notice of Intent forms must be submitted annually to AOE at least 10 business days prior to the intended start date of home study enrollment.

  • Within 10 business days of receipt of a complete enrollment/Notice of Intent form, AOE will provide parents/guardians with written acknowledgement of their intent to enroll.  This shall constitute verification of enrollment. 

  • Parents/Guardians must notify AOE in writing within 10 business days of withdrawing their student from Home Study  

  • Families must attest on enrollment/Notice of Intent forms to developing a Minimum Course of Study (MCOS/curriculum) and 

    • Families are no longer required to submit an MCOS to AOE. 

  • Families must attest on enrollment/Notice of Intent forms they are tracking their student’s progress and must maintain documentation of that progress using some form of assessment

    • Families are no longer required to submit an End of Year Assessment to AOE. 

  • Families must attest that their student will be provided the equivalent of 175 day of instruction per year. 

  • Finally, families also must attest that their student, if they have a disability, will be provided with adaptations.  

    • Families are no longer required to submit adaptations to AOE. 

  • All AOE Home Study hearing procedures have been removed. 

After July 1, 2023, families will need to: 
  • Complete and sign the Notice of Intent 

  • Consider developing a Minimum Course of Study (MCOS) 

    • This is the curriculum that you will implement for the equivalent of 175 days 

    • Keep a copy for your records 

    • Do not send a copy to the Agency of Education 

  • Assess each student at the end of the school year 

    • Keep a copy for your records 

    • Do not send a copy to the Agency of Education unless you want it to be reviewed 

First Time Enrollments must also submit either: 
  • A document stating that the student was enrolled in a VT public school (like a report card or attendance report) OR 

  • A copy of Independent Professional Evidence Form or other accepted alternative (i.e. a copy of an IEP or 504 plan) that identifies if the student has a documented disability. 

Enrollment: Online and Paper Forms

The Agency of Education offers a secure online method to create and submit Home Study forms. You may save and resume your work as long as you save the link provided. Upon submission, the Agency receives a copy of your forms and you will receive a pdf copy of your submission within a confirmation email. Please be sure to check your SPAM/Junk folder for the confirmation email. The confirmation email will go to the email addresses listed on the form. 

You may also print the paper forms to fill out and then scan and email, fax to (802) 828-6433, or mail them to: Home Study Office, 1 National Life Drive, Davis 5, Montpelier, VT 05602-2501.

Home Study Enrollment Forms

First Time Enrollment

For first time enrollments, two forms must be completed. 

  • Home Study Enrollment: Notice of Intent Form (online) -This form includes basic information, including name, address, birthday, and school district,  
    • Parent/Guardians must attest to the requirements of Home Study Programs in Vermont

    • The Notice of Intent can also be printed, filled out and signed: Notice of Intent Form (paper version)

      • It can be scanned and emailed to us, or faxed to (802) 828-6433, or mail it to attn: Home Study, 1 National Life Drive - Davis 5, Montpelier, VT 05620-2501 

  • Home Study Independent Professional Evidence (online) - This form speaks to whether the student being enrolled has a disability. It can be completed in a few ways: 

    • This online form can be filled out by a licensed professional (not related to the student). Families can send the professional or their organization this link and ask them to fill it out for each student.

    • Families can alternatively attach a signed and scanned paper copy of the Independent Professional Evidence to this online form or the Notice of Intent. 

    • A copy of a Vermont public school report card (or another accepted alternative)  

    • Note: many medical centers will want to fax the paper version to the AOE at (802) 828-6433.  

    • This is the paper version of the Independent Professional Evidence form that you can have filled out by a licensed professional instead of completing the online version: The Independent Professional Evidence Form (paper version).

      • It can be signed, scanned, and attached to the Notice of Intent, or submitted in the online Independent Professional Evidence form. 

      • This form is not needed if a report card or equivalent is submitted. 


For all re-enrollments, there is only one form. 

  • Annual Notice (online) - This form is similar to the Notice of Intent, but Parents/Guardians will attest that they successfully completed the previous year of Home Study, and maintained records of an annual evaluation.
  • The Annual Notice can also be printed, filled out and signed: Home Study Re-Enrollment: Annual Notice (paper version)
    • You can then scan it and email us, or fax to (802) 828-6433, or mail it to attn: Home Study, 1 National Life Drive - Davis 5, Montpelier, VT 05620-2501 


Home Study Timeline 

March 01 Enrollments open for the following school year 

May 01 – Enrollments close for current school year

10 Business Days prior to the start of school in your town Families must submit their Notice of Intent to the Home Study Office. 

10 Days prior to ending a Home Study Program (returning to public or independent school) Families must notify the Home Office of their intent to withdraw in writing. 

Students must remain in the public/independent school until you have received an official Home Study enrollment complete letter. 

Enrollments can take up to 10 business days to process once received. Submission of a Notice of Intent not mean that the student has been enrolled in a home study program. When students are officially enrolled in a home study program, families will receive an enrollment complete letter from the Home Study Office, and may withdraw their students from school and begin home study.  

    Special Needs/Special Education  

    Students with disabilities may be enrolled in a Home Study Program.  Families should be aware that by enrolling in a Home Study Program: 

    • Students are not entitled to and may not receive any special education supports and services through the school.

    • Families are required to provide their student with Adaptations to support their student’s education. Please see this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information, and see the sample Adaptations below. 

    Parents' Rights in Special Education  

    Under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004 and the Agency of Education's Special Education rules, parents have specific rights concerning their participation in the special education process. The Parents' Rights in Special Education (Procedural Safeguards Notice) booklet is designed to inform parents of those rights and provide a list of available resources. 

    This document is available in the following languages: Bosnian, Nepali, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese. Translations in Arabic, French, and Swahili will be available in the near future. 

    Public School and Home Study 

    Each week, every supervisory union/school district (SU/SD) receives an enrollment report which lists the names of students who are currently enrolled or whose enrollment is pending.  Authorized personnel are issued a secure link to a Sharepoint Folder which contains the weekly reports. It is the responsibility of the SU/SD to divide and distribute this information directly to the schools to ensure all students within their district are accounted for. 

    The Home Study office is happy to collaborate with the public schools to make sure that our lists are accurate.  Please direct all questions and concerns to

    Home study students are permitted to enroll at their local school for up to 2 of the 5 main courses (Math, Science, Reading and Writing, History/Civics/Government, and Literature), as well as electives, athletics, and extra-curricular activities, as space permits.  Parents must collaborate with their local school to arrange enrollment and scheduling. 

    Please also see these informational FAQs and Memos: 

    If you have questions please contact the Home Study Team.

    Email the Home Study Team at aoe.homestudy@vermont.govor call (802) 828-6225.