End of the Year Assessment (EOYA) and Re-enrollment


End of the Year Assesment (EOYA) 

Restarting for 2021-2022, each year a student is enrolled in Home Study an End of the Year Assessment (EOYA) is required. This is typically uploaded and submitted along with your re-enrollment packet. It can also be uploaded as an individual form here, or mailed to us at the Home Study Office, 1 National Life Drive, Davis 5, Montpelier, VT 05620-2501. Please do not submit staples, paperclips, sleeves or folders, if you do choose to mail. 

The End of the Year Assessment should show us that your MCOS plan was followed and goals were met, and should provide us documentation of your student’s progress over the year. 

There are a few options for how to show us this evidence. You may use one or multiple of these options, as long as evidence is submitted for all required academic areas.

Option 1: Parent Report and Student Portfolio 

  • A parent report must contain a parent summary of the student’s work and progress in each area of the MCOS. This will involve a brief description of work accomplished in each area. The summary may include a narrative or bullet points depending on personal preference. A portfolio of the student’s work must accompany the report. If the student was 13 or older when they enrolled, the parent report does not need to provide information for Physical Education, Health or Fine Arts. Please remember to label all work with the student’s name, date, and subject area.

  • Each subject area must include at least 4 and no more than 6 distinct portfolio pieces (except Fine Arts, Physical Education and Health which only require one example). 

Option 3: Standardized Tests 

  • Standardized test results will cover areas included in the test taken, and so can be used as partial evidence – other areas will still require additional evidence.

  • List of accepted standardized tests

Option 4: Teacher Advisory Service Report or Report Card from a Purchased Curriculum/Online Academy

  • If an online course provided a grade, then you may submit the document with grades as it indicates the student’s progress.
  • If the course only provides a print-out that identifies that the student did the work, you cannot provide a print-out only.
    • The family will need to provide work samples if submitting a parent report and portfolio. The printout only reflects participation and does not demonstrate that the student made any progress.
  • A report card issued from an online school will only work as evidence for the subjects covered.
    • Other required subject areas will require additional evidence.


Students must re-enroll every year. While some of the forms are required year to year (i.e. the Form A, the Minimum Course of Study), some forms only need to be filled out the first year (i.e. the Form B, and the Assurance - as long there have been no changes to the family situation.)  

After your student's 1st year, the EOYA must be submitted as well.

We strongly recommend submitting all of your forms together at the same time, as it expedites the process. We also recommend submitting before August 1st, so you can qualify for the MCOS Exemption.