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Table data
Title File Category Date File Format
VSBPE Agenda Item 1LC: Endorsement Revision Timeline Agenda Item 1LC - Endorsement Revision Timeline.pdf (200.03 KB) 08/13/2019 PDF
VSBPE Agenda Item 3A: Middle Grades Licensure Requirements Agenda Item 3A - Middle Grades Licensure Requirements.pdf (160.62 KB) 08/13/2019 PDF
VSBPE Agenda Item 3PAC: Approved Preparation Programs Annual Reports VSBPE Agenda Item 3PAC - Annual Report Overview.pdf (181.31 KB) 08/13/2019 PDF
Smarter Balanced 2018 State, District and School-Level Assessment Data edu-data-smarter-balanced-state-district-school-level-2018.xlsx (2.44 MB) 08/12/2019 Spreadsheet
Media Arts: High School Proficient Learning Targets edu-media-arts-high-school-proficient-level-learning-targets.pdf (629.83 KB) 08/12/2019 PDF
Memo: Agency of Education Memos of June 6 and 7, 2019 re: Costs for Special Education Services edu-memo-french-cost-special-education-services.pdf (561.53 KB) 08/08/2019 PDF
Memo: Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements - Status Update Survey edu-memo-proficiency-based-graduation-requirements-status-update-survey.pdf (279.41 KB) 08/07/2019 PDF
Checklist for Potential Work-Based Learning Worksite Checklist for Potential WBL worksite.docx (717.03 KB) 08/06/2019 Text
Work-Based Learning Evaluation for Students WBL Evaluation for Students.docx (715.86 KB) 08/06/2019 Text
Visual Art: 7th Grade Learning Targets edu-visual-art-7th-grade-learning-targets.pdf (633.24 KB) 08/05/2019 PDF
Memo: Compliance with Vermont's School Screening Law and Regulations edu-memo-vdh-aoe-school-screenings.pdf (263.6 KB) 08/05/2019 PDF
Visual Art: 4th Grade Learning Targets edu-visual-art-4th-grade-learning-targets.pdf (689.6 KB) 08/01/2019 PDF
Visual Art: 6th Grade Learning Targets edu-visual-art-6th-grade-learning-targets.pdf (690.86 KB) 08/01/2019 PDF
SBE - Financial Capacity Review Team Meeting - Draft Minutes - July 30, 2019 edu-state-board-financial-capacity-final-draft-minutes-07_30_19.pdf (258.56 KB) 07/30/2019 PDF
VTAOE Data Exchange - All Import File Types Dual Enrollment Data Exchange Import Files.xlsx (112.23 KB) 07/30/2019 Spreadsheet
SBE - Financial Capacity Review Team Meeting Agenda - July 30, 2019 edu-state-board-financial capacity-review-team-aagenda-07_30_19.pdf (218.6 KB) 07/30/2019 PDF
Harassment, Hazing and Bullying Prevention Council Draft Minutes from July 29, 2019 HHB Meeting final draft minutes_072919.pdf (195.4 KB) 07/29/2019 PDF
Kingdom East SU AR Summary 2019 edu-nutrition-kingdom-east-ar-summary.pdf (335.88 KB) 07/29/2019 PDF
Legislative Report Act 11 PreK Evaluation Final Report edu-legislative-report-act-11-prek-evaluation-final-report.pdf (1.44 MB) 07/29/2019 PDF
Press Release: Agency of Education Names Chief Financial Officer edu-press-release-cfo-announcement-07292019.pdf (144.81 KB) 07/29/2019 PDF