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Title File Category Date File Format
Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) Example - Addison Central School District edu-continuous-improvement-plan-(cip)-example-addison-central-sd.pdf (310.38 KB) 04/27/2018 PDF
Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) Example - Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union edu-continuous-improvement-plan-(cip)-example-franklin-northwest-su.pdf (370.32 KB) 04/27/2018 PDF
Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) Example - Grand Isle SU edu-continuous-improvement-plan-(cip)-example-grand-isle-su.pdf (328.74 KB) 04/27/2018 PDF
Legislative Report: Preliminary Evaluation of Pre-Kindergarten Education Programs to Promote Optimum Outcomes for Children and to Collect Data that Will Inform Future Decisions, Response to 16 VSA Sec 829(e)(10) edu-legislative-report-preliminary-evaluation-of-prek-programs-2018.pdf (674.25 KB) 04/26/2018 PDF
Highly Qualified Paraprofessional Instructions and Definitions edu-cfp-hqp-instructions-and-definitions.pdf (522.17 KB) 04/26/2018 PDF
Title IIA Allowable Activities edu-title- II-cfp-allowable-activities-final.pdf (611.63 KB) 04/26/2018 PDF
AOE SSDDMS Contract edu-ssddms-final-signed-contract.pdf (1.7 MB) 04/25/2018 PDF
Opting into the Shared School District Data Management System edu-ssddms-opt-in-instructions.pdf (343.42 KB) 04/25/2018 PDF
SEA AOE - GMS User Manual edu-vermont-sea-gms-user-manual.pdf (1014.63 KB) 04/24/2018 PDF
Special Education Advisory Council Approved Minutes: September 20, 2018 edu-special-education-advisory-council-approved-minutes-092018.pdf (262.54 KB) 04/24/2018 PDF
Summary by High School of Post Secondary Preparatory Tests - 2017 edu-data-sat-psat-ap-results-by-school-2017.pdf (89.45 KB) 04/23/2018 PDF
Memorandum - School Safety Infrastructure Grants bouchey-anderson-memo-School Safety Infrastructure Grants-4-23-18.pdf (236.71 KB) 04/23/2018 PDF
FY2019 Budget Collection Software Instructions edu-data-collection-budget-data-software-instructions-fy19.pdf (580.01 KB) 04/20/2018 PDF
FY 2019 Budget Collection Data Reporting Instructions edu-data-collection-fy19-budget-data-reporting-instructions.pdf (716.33 KB) 04/20/2018 PDF
Budget Data Entry Template (1.05 MB) 04/20/2018 Archive
Annual Vermont Part B Federal Grant Application edu-special-education-annual-vermont-part-b-federal-grant-application.pdf (5.08 MB) 04/19/2018 PDF
VSBPE Meeting Schedule 2018-2019 edu-vsbpe-meetings-2018-2019.pdf (173.19 KB) 04/19/2018 PDF
VSBPE Meeting List 2017-2018 edu-vsbpe-meetings-2017-2018.pdf (196.4 KB) 04/19/2018 PDF
Agenda Item M: VSG Appendix E FY15 edu-state-board-item-m-appendix-e-FY15-4_18_18.pdf (8.39 MB) 04/18/2018 PDF
Agenda Item S - Blue Mountain SU Region Map edu-state-board-item-s-4_18_18-map.pdf (71.04 KB) 04/18/2018 PDF