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edu-nutrition-notice-of-direct-certification-pre-approval-milk.docx edu-nutrition-notice-of-direct-certification-pre-approval-milk.docx (15.78 KB)
Secretary's Recommendation: Mt. Mansfield Academy 01/03/2023 PDF
FAQ: 2021-22 Vermont School COVID-19 Testing Programs 11/10/2021 PDF
COVID-19 Response Testing Programs for Schools, Fall-Winter 2021 10/01/2021 PDF
edu-nutrition-notice-of-direct-certification-pre-approval.docx edu-nutrition-notice-of-direct-certification-pre-approval.docx (16.02 KB)
Site Visit Report 2018-2019 Two Rivers SU Chester Andover.pdf Site Visit Report 2018-2019 Two Rivers SU Chester Andover.pdf (610.77 KB)
Item K: Rules Series 2360 with Proposed Amendments 03/17/2021 PDF
COVID-19 Protocols Flow Chart 11/16/2021 PDF
State Board of Education Rule Series 7000 - Clean Copy 11/15/2021 PDF
21C Competition Questions 11/06/2018 PDF
Education Quality Standards Working Draft Updated - Clean Copy 02/15/2023 Text
21st Century Community Learning Centers Competitive Questions and Answers 11/30/2017 PDF
edu-nutrition-reminder-regarding-expiration-of-previous-year-eligibility-benefits.docx edu-nutrition-reminder-regarding-expiration-of-previous-year-eligibility-benefits.docx (13.94 KB)
Public Comment: J. Jesso 11/10/2022 PDF
Testing Options Overview Letter for Parents and Families (TEMPLATE) 10/01/2021 Text
Test to Stay Onboarding Checklist 10/01/2021 PDF
Transcript Review Worksheet - RELA Specialist 05/22/2018 PDF
Template Letter Take-Home Test Kits and Availability for Schools 11/10/2021 Text
ESSER APR Accounting Guide FY21 - Updated June 10, 2022 05/16/2022 PDF
Letter for students after exposure to COVID-19 at school participating in Test to Stay 11/15/2021 Text