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Table data
Title File Category Date File Format
Agenda Item C1: Draft Minutes April 19, 2016 edu-state-board-agenda-item-051716-c1.pdf (411.44 KB) 05/17/2016 PDF
Agenda Item C2: Mosaic Learning Center - Renewal of General and Special Education Independent School Approval edu-state-board-agenda-item-051716-c2.pdf (98.3 KB) 05/17/2016 PDF
Agenda Item M: Monthly Expenditure Report edu-state-board-agenda-item-051716-m.pdf (73.25 KB) 05/17/2016 PDF
Agenda Item I: Proficiency Based Graduation edu-state-board-agenda-item-051716-i.pdf (373.99 KB) 05/17/2016 PDF
Agenda Item H1: ESSA Update edu-state-board-agenda-item-051716-h1.pdf (488.18 KB) 05/17/2016 PDF
Agenda Item H: Vermont Education Accountability System edu-state-board-agenda-item-051716-h.pdf (1.61 MB) 05/17/2016 PDF
Agenda Item H2: Memo re: Title I-A from Congressional Research Service edu-state-board-agenda-item-051716-h2.pdf (240.11 KB) 05/17/2016 PDF
Restroom Access for Transgender Students edu-memo-restroom-access-for-transgender-students.pdf (261.71 KB) 05/12/2016 PDF
Technical Assistance: Memberships Fees and Allowability edu-federal-programs-technical-assistance-membership-fees-and-allowability.pdf (139.86 KB) 05/12/2016 PDF
VSAC, Agency of Education, VocRehab to Host Annual Transition and Career Planning Conference edu-press-release-career-planning-conference.pdf (108.83 KB) 05/10/2016 PDF
VSBPE Meeting Minutes, May 4, 2016 edu-educator-quality-vsbpe-050416-minutes.pdf (388.77 KB) 05/04/2016 PDF
Vermont Teacher of the Year to be honored at White House edu-media-advisory-state-teachers-white-house.pdf (159.21 KB) 05/03/2016 PDF
Report on Act 129, Section 12 - Hazing Harassment Bullying Council edu-legislative-report-act129-sec12-hazing-harassment-bullying-council.pdf (370.86 KB) 04/28/2016 PDF
Newport Town School Receives Technology Grant from Vermont Lottery edu-press-release-lottery-tech-winner-spring-2016.pdf (161.73 KB) 04/25/2016 PDF
SBE - Approved Minutes April 19, 2016 edu-state-board-approved-minutes-04192016.pdf (364.77 KB) 04/19/2016 PDF
Agenda Item N3: Washington West SU Report Approval edu-state-board-agenda-item-041916-n3.pdf (2.16 MB) 04/19/2016 PDF
Agenda Item N2: Orleans Central SU Report Approval edu-state-board-agenda-item-041916-n2.pdf (2.31 MB) 04/19/2016 PDF
Agenda Item N4: Franklin Northeast SU Report Approval edu-state-board-agenda-item-041916-n4.pdf (11.99 MB) 04/19/2016 PDF
Agenda Item N1: Memo re: Governance Proposals edu-state-board-agenda-item-041916-n1.pdf (5.31 MB) 04/19/2016 PDF
Agenda Item L: Robert C. Riley, 2016 National Distinguished Principal Award edu-state-board-agenda-item-041916-l.pdf (359.77 KB) 04/19/2016 PDF