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Table data
Title Sort ascending File Category Date File Format
Articles of Agreement: Lamoille South UUSD sbe-final-report-and-order-default-articles-lamoille-south.pdf (684.34 KB) 11/30/2018 PDF
Articles of Agreement: Franklin Northwest UUSD sbe-final-report-and-order-default-articles-franklin-northwest.pdf (743.45 KB) 11/30/2018 PDF
Articles of Agreement: Enosburgh-Richford UUSD sbe-final-report-and-order-default-articles-enosburgh-richford.pdf (644.5 KB) 11/30/2018 PDF
Articles of Agreement: Barre UUSD sbe-final-report-and-order-default-articles-barre.pdf (646.8 KB) 11/30/2018 PDF
Arthur Resources and Episode edu-arthur-resources-and-episode.pdf (186.58 KB) 10/05/2020 PDF
ARP-ESSER State Set-Aside Benchmark Assessment Grant Application edu-arp-esser-state-set-aside-benchmark-assessment-grant-application_0.pdf (410 KB) PDF
ARP-ESSER Improving Student Academic Outcomes in Computer Science, English Language Arts and Literacy, and Mathematics Grant  edu-arp-esser-improving-student-academic-outcomes-grant.pdf (664.24 KB) 01/16/2024 PDF
ARP II Homeless Allocations ARP Homeless II Final Allocations 10.6.21.pdf (490.49 KB) 09/14/2021 PDF
ARP IDEA Program Overview ARP IDEA Program Overview (2).pdf (281.02 KB) 08/18/2021 PDF
ARP IDEA Part B Allocations APR IDEA Part B Allocations (1).pdf (498.42 KB) 08/18/2021 PDF
ARP Homeless II Subgrantees, FY22 edu-ARP-Homeless-II-Awards-FY22.pdf (518.7 KB) 10/26/2023 PDF
ARP Homeless II Program Overview ARP-Homeless II Overview.pdf (213.85 KB) 09/14/2021 PDF
ARP Homeless I Subgrantees, FY22 edu-ARP-Homeless-I-Awards-FY22.pdf (466.48 KB) 10/26/2023 PDF
ARP ESSER Summer Set-Aside Recipients ARP ESSER Sumer Set-Aside Recipients 23_2_28.pdf (159.41 KB) 04/24/2023 PDF
ARP ESSER Summer Round Two Grant Application Guide edu-arp-esser-summer-round-two-grant-application-guide.pdf (650.22 KB) 09/29/2023 PDF
ARP ESSER Summary of Instructional Modalities for School Year 2020-21 edu-arp-esser-summary-of-instructional-modalities-for-sy-20-21.pdf (210.09 KB) 06/21/2021 PDF
ARP ESSER State Set-Aside Benchmark Assessment Grant Application edu-arp-esser-state-set-aside-benchmark-assessment-grant-application (1).pdf (590.37 KB) 11/15/2022 PDF
ARP ESSER State Education Plan Summary and Overview edu-arp-esser-state-education-agency-plan-summary-and-overview.pdf (373.05 KB) 07/16/2021 PDF
ARP ESSER Recommendations for Meaningful Engagement with Stakeholders and Public Comment ARP ESSER Best Practices for Meaningful Engagement with Stakeholders.pdf (611.09 KB) 08/31/2021 PDF
ARP ESSER Maintenance of Equity Requirements for LEAs Training Presentation edu-arp-esser-maintenance-of-equity-requirements-for-leas-training-updated-7-21.pdf (1.25 MB) 07/21/2022 PDF