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Table data
Title File Category Date File Format
Responsible and Involved Citizenship Scoring Criteria edu-proficiency-based-education-transferable-skills-responsible-and-involved-citizenship-scoring-criteria.docx (720.37 KB) 08/25/2016 Text
Physical Activity Guidelines for Vermont Schools edu-healthy-safe-schools-physical-activity-guidelines.pdf (474.53 KB) 08/24/2016 PDF
Comprehensive, School-Based Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention edu-healthy-safe-schools-comprehensive-alcohol-tobacco-drug-prevention.pdf (208.01 KB) 08/24/2016 PDF
CTE Carpentry Assessment Blueprint edu-career-tech-standards-carpentry-blueprint.pdf (161.3 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
CTE Visual Arts Assessment Blueprint edu-career-tech-standards-visual-arts-blueprint.pdf (147.38 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
CTE Business Management Admin Assessment Blueprint edu-career-tech-standards-business-management-blueprint.pdf (155.47 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
CTE Culinary Arts Assessment Blueprint edu-career-tech-standards-culinary-arts-blueprint.pdf (148.59 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
CTE Information Technology Assessment Blueprint edu-career-tech-standards-information-technology-blueprint.pdf (158.6 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
Updating Your Employment Details - Presentation edu-educator-quality-updating-employment-details.pdf (320.87 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
Agenda Item J: State Board Draft Rules on Alternative Structures edu-state-board-agenda-item-082316-j.pdf (1.23 MB) 08/23/2016 PDF
Recent 5th Circuit Case - Transgender Students in Schools edu-5th-circuit-case-transgender-students-in-schools-8-23-16.pdf (264.66 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
Agenda Item C2: Stone Path Academy – Initial General and Special Education Independent School Approval edu-state-board-agenda-item-082316-c2.pdf (146.24 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
CTE AG Food & Natural Resources Assessment Blueprint edu-career-tech-standards-ag-food-natural-resources-blueprint.pdf (167.3 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
Agenda Item K2: State Board Guidance on Phase 2 and 3 Mergers on the Options edu-state-board-agenda-item-082316-k2.pdf (547.98 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
CTL Additions and Price Modifications to MLTI Vermont PA 5.17.2016 edu-digital-learning-mlti-vermont-par-2016.pdf (170.93 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
Sexual Violence Prevention: Technical Assistance Resource Guide edu-health-education-technical-assistance-resource-guide.pdf (5.85 MB) 08/23/2016 PDF
Best Practice for Implementing & Sustaining Comprehensive Sexual Violence Prevention in Schools edu-health-education-best-practice-flow.pdf (613.18 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
Agenda Item N: Aligning Agency Work with Education Quality Standards edu-state-board-agenda-item-082316-n.pdf (791.64 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
Agenda Item M: Board of Education Update- Federal Initiatives 2016 edu-state-board-agenda-item-082316-m.pdf (344.1 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF
Agenda Item L: Burlington College - Expend State Funds to Store Records edu-state-board-agenda-item-082316-l.pdf (341.78 KB) 08/23/2016 PDF