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Table data
Title File Sort descending Category Date File Format
income-guidelines-cacfp.pdf income-guidelines-cacfp.pdf (157.5 KB)
cacfp-appeal-procedure.pdf cacfp-appeal-procedure.pdf (404.39 KB)
edu-school-nutrition-programs-covid19-faq-vol-3-updated-4-13.pdf edu-school-nutrition-programs-covid19-faq-vol-3-updated-4-13.pdf (318.33 KB)
edu-agency-of-education-covid-19-related-financial-guidance-updated-4-2.pdf edu-agency-of-education-covid-19-related-financial-guidance-updated-4-2.pdf (287.78 KB)
edu-nutrition-2020-free-and-reduced-eligibility-report.pdf edu-nutrition-2020-free-and-reduced-eligibility-report.pdf (1.19 MB)
Test to Stay Onboarding Checklist 10/01/2021 PDF
School Letter to Parents: Letter for CLOSE CONTACTS and ROLLOUT OF Test to Stay 10/05/2021 Text
School Letter to Parents: POSITIVE Results of In-School COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test 10/05/2021 Text
COVID-19 Response Testing Programs for Schools, Fall-Winter 2021 10/01/2021 PDF
Transcript Review Worksheet - RELA Specialist 05/22/2018 PDF
State Board of Education-Independent School Approval Review Committee Meeting Agenda: September 20, 2022 09/08/2022 PDF
COVID-19 Protocols Flow Chart 11/16/2021 PDF
FAQ: 2021-22 Vermont School COVID-19 Testing Programs 11/10/2021 PDF
Public Comment: J. Jesso 11/10/2022 PDF
VSBPE Agenda Item 5(A): Driver and Traffic Safety Education in-vehicle only 09/15/2022 PDF
COVID-19 Response Testing Type Flowchart 10/08/2021 PDF
Transcript Review Worksheet - RELA Coordinator 04/26/2017 PDF
Residential Child Care Free and Reduced Price Income and Enrollment 08/26/2016 PDF
Verification Ameliorative Action List 2018-2019 06/06/2018 PDF
Vermont Appendix to Application Approval Process - 2018-2019 06/06/2018 PDF