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Memo: Ed-Fi Data Collection System Transition

TO:                 Superintendents, Data Managers
FROM:           Heather A. Bouchey, Ph.D. Interim Secretary of Education
SUBJECT:      Ed-Fi Data Collection System Transition
DATE:            June 29, 2023

We would like to bring your attention to an important update on our statewide education data collection system. We are pleased to announce that, following a successful pilot program, we will officially replace EdFusion with a more updated system called Ed-Fi. We estimate that the shift to Ed-Fi could potentially save data managers up to two weeks of time when preparing data collections. This time-saving benefit will allow attention and expertise to be focused on other critical areas. Additionally, the implementation of the Ed-Fi system opens the door for the AOE to introduce new dashboards and tools that will benefit all supervisory unions (SU/SDs). New tools, such as early warning systems, will provide new insights and support, helping SU/SDs in identifying and addressing potential issues at an early stage. These enhancements will empower educators and administrators to make data-informed decisions and improve educational outcomes.

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