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Act 46 Schedule Memo

April 4, 2018

TO: Education Partners & All Parties Interested in Act 46

*Senator Tim Ashe, President Pro Tempore of the Senate
Senator Phil Baruth, Chair, Senate Education Committee
Krista Huling, Chair, State Board of Education
Representative Mitzi Johnson, Speaker of the House of Representatives
Governor Phil Scott
Representative David Sharpe, Chair, House Education Committee

SUBJECT: Act 46 Schedule & Process

DATE: April 4, 2018

We write to assure you of our commitment to the current schedule and process of Act 46 of 2015. This work is an important step forward for Vermont’s system of education.

We appreciate the hard work of communities, school boards and school staff – and to all those that have successfully moved through the process – and we look forward to continuing this good work in accordance with the existing timeline and statutory requirements.

Please contact Donna Russo-Savage at the Agency of Education if you have questions about the schedule or process.

Read the full memo from Governor Scott, Legislative Leaders and the State Board of Education

*in alphabetical order