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Extended Learning Guidance

September 13, 2017

TO:                    Superintendents, Principals and Curriculum Coordinators
FROM:            Rebecca Holcombe, Ed.D., Secretary of Education
SUBJECT:      Extended Learning Guidance
DATE:              September 13, 2017

We have received a number of inquiries from districts and supervisory unions regarding expanded learning programs operated by public schools, such as homework clubs, tutorial centers, enrichment programs and other before and after school programs. Specifically, public school leaders want to know if extended learning programs are subject to the Licensing Regulations for Afterschool Child Care Programs (Child Care regulations) promulgated by the Child Development Division (CDD) to cover the activities of childcare. This memo explains when public school-based extended learning programs are and are not subject to regulation by CDD.

First, we commend you for offering such a valuable service to our children. Extended learning programs enable schools to provide enrichment and learning activities that narrow the achievement gap. In addition, as a secondary benefit, many provide vulnerable children with access to food support outside the regular school day.

With respect to whether these programs are regulated by CDD, the CDD regulations were promulgated for the protection and promotion of the health, safety, well-being and positive growth of children who receive services in after school programs in community-based centers or schools. The rules were promulgated under authority given to CDD in 33 V.S.A § 3502 to license child care facilities. 

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