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Intra-district Reconfiguration

April 17, 2018

TO: Superintendents

FROM: Acting Secretary Heather Bouchey, Ph.D.

                 CFO, Emily Byrne

SUBJECT: Intra-district Reconfiguration

DATE: April 17, 2018

Again, we are receiving requests from several districts related to reconfiguration of schools within districts, so we are resending this information that was provided to you in July 2015.

Reconfiguring schools within a district may have an impact on those schools beyond what is determined locally. For example, reconfigurations can affect school accountability and funding.

While intra-district school configuration decisions fall under the powers and duties of Vermont’s school boards, the AOE should be notified of any plans to make changes so that we can evaluate potential state-level impacts. Once changes are finalized at the local level, the AOE should be informed, so that we can update our systems. This bulletin identifies the types of changes included and the information the Agency requires.

Read the complete Intra-district Reconfiguration memo.