Preserving a Strong and Vital Vermont

January 31, 2017

Vermont strongly stands against the prejudice and intolerance that characterize the current immigration proposals coming out of Washington, as well as casual talk about federal National Guard and law enforcement intervention in communities whose real challenges stem from the ravages of poverty or racism. We are all Vermonters, and we know the safety and wellbeing of each of us is essential to preserving a strong and vital Vermont.

As Governor Scott stated this week: “I can't imagine what Vermont, or our country, would look like today, had we refused to allow immigrants from all reaches of the world to experience this wonderful country the way most of us have, simply because they were not born here or didn’t share our exact religious view. As I have said, I’m going to do everything I can to protect the rights of all Vermonters and the human rights of all people – that includes standing up to executive orders from Washington that cross legal, ethical and moral lines that have distinguished America from the rest of the world for generations.”

Decency and democracy demand that we stand and refuse to be separated from vulnerable members of our community, who are also Americans and Vermonters. We need to be firm that our communities and our schools are safe and welcoming places that embrace and support all our children and families. That is the “unity” of our state motto. Our children – no matter their race, religion, national origin, poverty status or disability status – have a right to learn and be supported as they grow into the strong Vermonters we value and desperately need to build a strong future for this great little state.

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