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Responding to Bigotry

September 19, 2017

TO: Superintendents, Principals, Independent School Headmasters, All Educators
FROM: Rebecca Holcombe, Ed.D., Secretary of Education
SUBJECT: Responding to Bigotry
DATE: September 19, 2017

Many of you have expressed concern about how, given some of the toxicity in language and action in our public spaces, you can make sure all of our Vermont children feel safe and supported. Many of you have also spoken of the challenge of maintaining a strong sense of community, given increasing polarization. In response, I have been thinking a lot recently about what distinguishes us each as individuals, but also what binds us as Vermonters. Of course, our own personal experiences frame how we understand and make sense of issues of freedom and unity. As for many of you, my own personal commitment to making sure our schools ensure our children are safe and supported is rooted in my own experience of needing to feel safe.

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