New Text Messaging Service Offers Round-the-Clock Access to Mental Health Crisis Support

June 9, 2017

Media Contact: Department of Mental Health 802-241-0100​
Jessica Bernard, Quality Management Chief 
Melissa Bailey, Commissioner

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, the Department of Mental Health wanted to take a moment to remind our community about a mental health resource that is available over the summer months, a time when youth may not have access to supports offered in school like guidance counselors, teachers, and school clinicians. In addition to crisis and mental health services offered by local mental health agencies, there is also Crisis Text Line™.

Crisis Text Line™ offers support from trained crisis counselors and is easily accessed by texting VT to 741741. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be used by anyone at any time. More information about Crisis Text Line can be found here: This service is being provided through a partnership between the Vermont Department of Mental Health and the national organization Crisis Text Line™. State officials welcomed this key addition to the other mental health services available for Vermonters to access when circumstances or events become difficult to handle.

Read the full press release from the Vermont Department of Mental Health.