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Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health Well Being Resources and Tools for Families and Caregivers 

Research shows that SEL and mental health well-being is the foundation of academic success and is even more critical during times of crisis. When families and caregivers know more about these topics, they are better able to support their children's learning and to collaborate with educators to improve their child’s readiness to learn. 

Family Guide to Supporting Young People’s Mental Health and Well-Being: Information, Tips, and Resources The guide helps parents, other adult family members, and caregivers support the overall well-being and mental health of school-aged children. It offers information about the social and emotional development of young people and explains warning signs that may signal mental health challenges. It equips caregivers with targeted strategies, tools, and resources that help them advocate for their family, address each child’s specific needs, and access professional help. 

SEL VT Platform contains a series of professionally developed modules to help educators easily incorporate materials into their lesson planning. In addition, classroom teachers can provide a link to their students so they can directly access materials for lessons. Parents and caregivers are offered free access to these materials so they can facilitate continued learning at home. Please visit the SEL VT Platform to register and gain access to a walkthrough video, tools, and content.