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The Agency of Education created the weekly field memo to keep subscribers up-to-date with current education policy, state-wide education initiatives, and official messages from the AOE. The field memo may also include education-related items from other state agencies. And at our discretion, we may include other events or information from other organizations not directly affiliated with the AOE. The field memo is not intended to serve as a newsletter.

Volume 10, Issue 47

21 December 2016

2016 Annual Technology Survey Results Released

Audience: All

The Annual Education Technology Survey is collected in June of each year. To review the results of this years’ survey, visit the Survey Results report. Important information about schools and their education technology programs is summarized.

Contact: Peter Drescher at (802) 479-1169 or peter.drescher@vermont.gov

Rule 5100: Rules Governing the Licensing of Educators and the Preparation of Educational Professionals

Audience: Superintendents, Principals, Special Education Directors, Curriculum Coordinators, Career and Technical Center Directors, Local and Regional Standards Boards, Educators, Higher Education Institutions

The VSBPE is undertaking revisions to the rules that govern the training, licensing and professional standards of teachers and administrators. Specifically, the VSBPE is revising educator competencies and authorizing statement of the following endorsements: 5440-05 English; 5440-13 Science; 5440-19 Middle Grades English Language Arts, Middle Grades Science, Middle Grades Social Studies; 5440-61 Library Media Specialist. Review the Licensing Rule changesSubmit your feedback on the proposed licensing rules changes.

Contact: Rebecca Gile at Rebecca.Gile@vermont.gov

3DVermont Open for Registration; Deadline Extended to January 13, 2017

Audience: All

Registration for the 3DVermont Competition, 3DVermont, has kicked off.  This annual competition combines History and Technology and culminates in a day-long event where teams share their 3D created models of historic town buildings across VT.  Register a team for this year’s 3D Vermont competition.

Contact: Peter Drescher at (802) 479-1169 or peter.drescher@vermont.gov

What If Wednesday

Audience: Superintendents, Principals and School Crisis Planning Team Members

The December 21, 2016 “What if Wednesday” school safety initiative is designed to stimulate a conversation about school emergency preparedness. Participants should read the summary of the “fictional” school safety incident and then answer the multiple choice question with the appropriate response action to be taken for the specific emergency. 

Contact: Rob Evans, Margolis Healy, at revans@margolishealy.com

Vermont PBIS Quarterly Report Released

Audience: All

Find out what's next in the world of Vermont PBIS in the Winter Quarterly Report.

Contact: Amy Wheeler-Sutton at amy.wheeler-sutton@uvm.edu

Courtesy Postings

Reading Comprehension Strategies Across All Content Course

The Reading Comprehension Strategies workshop is for teachers for grades 4-12 whose students can read but may be struggling to comprehend the text. Participants will get an overview of Common Core State Standards and text complexity, how to teach text structure and strategies for building reading comprehension through strategic collaborative reading models and questioning and inquiry learning. Reading comprehension strategies will address language arts, math (word problems), science, and social studies content. This course occurs on January 20, 2017, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This class is also available via distance learning through GoToWebinar. You may also apply for grant underwriting from the Cynthia K. Hoehl Institute for Excellence for courses from the Stern Center for Language and Learning.

Contact: Caitlin Niland, Intake Coordinator for Professional Learning, at (802) 878-2332 or proflearning@sterncenter.org

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