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Volume 12, Issue 44

07 November 2018

Registration Open: 3D Vermont Competition

Audience:  History and STEM  Educators, Education Technology Coordinators, Career & Technology Directors, After School Programs and Leads, Principals
3D Vermont, the competition that brings together STEM/History and 3D printing is opening up its 5th year of competition.  Registration is open the 3D Vermont competition, taking place throughout the year and culminating in a day-long celebration in the Architectural Olympiad at Vermont Technical College on March 29, 2019.   The competition kicked off officially on November 1, 2018.  School teams with an interest in combining awareness of notable historic community architecture with STEM activities are encouraged to participate. The VT Agency of Education can provide participating schools with free SketchUP software, and the 3D team provides training around all phases of the program from designing teams to printing models.  Middle and High schools are encouraged to enter, and prizes are awarded each year to the winning teams.  The last two years, winning schools have taken home a 3D Printer.  This year there is an additional effort being made to tie the work to students’ personalized learning plans.
Contact:  Peter Drescher at (802) 479-1169 or peter.drescher@vermont.gov

Training of Trainers for Implementing a Parent/Family Workshop

Audience: Educators, Nurses, others interested in facilitating parent workshops
On December 4, 2018, the Agency of Education will host Training of Trainers for Implementing Parent/Family Workshop, a three-hour workshop designed to increase the quality of sexual health education being provided at home by families in Vermont. There is no cost to participants. This three-hour Training of Trainers (TOT) will prepare attendees with everything they need to successfully implement a parent education workshop developed by Vermont sexuality education experts. The parent workshop series, called "Moving Beyond the Talk" has three levels - one each for parents of elementary, middle, and high school students. After attending this workshop, participants will have everything they need to host each of the three workshops, including resource lists, presentation slides, evaluations, and tips for success. Parent-child communication and parent engagement at school has been shown to improve sexual health outcomes for youth. The parent workshop teaches tips and techniques parents can use every day to improve communication about sexuality. 
Contact: Tom Aloisi at thomas.aloisi@vermont.gov

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Professional Development: Supporting Children through Trauma, Poverty, and Adversity

Registration is open for Supporting Children through Trauma, a professional development course by the Stern Center for Language and Learning. In this 45-hour course, participants will gain an understanding of poverty-related stress and its impact on brain function. Participants will establish a framework for developing social and emotional learning competencies in their students. Registration is due by November 20, 2018.
Contact: SJ White at swhite@sterncenter.org or (802) 878-2332, ext. 320

Online 1 Credit ATOD Graduate Course   

This online Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Education course is offered as one of a series of courses by the Vermont Higher Education Collaborative toward health education endorsement.  This course is offered so that teachers and health and guidance personnel have a sufficient level of professional development to enable them to competently teach or provide other services required in the school’s alcohol and drug abuse prevention education program. Participants apply the course teachings in a practical personal, school or community-based project.  To learn more please go to www.healthandlearning.org.
Contact: Catherine Diduk at catherine@healthandlearning.org or (802) 254-6590

Professional Learning: Yout Voice and Youth-Adult Partnerships

Audience: Middle and High School Educators, Curriculum Coordinators, Principals
The Champlain Valley Educator Development Center and UP for Learning are collaborating to offer Youth Voice and Youth-Adult Partnership Professional Development Series, a 3-part series on increasing youth voice in education. The series will explore why it is particularly important at this time in Vermont’s history to build school cultures where adults “listen to, learn from and lead with” students in order to fulfill the promise of personalization and proficiency-based learning. The first session is February 5, 2019.
Contact: Harry Frank at harry@upforlearning.org or (802) 552-8140

Free Sensory-Friendly Drumming Workshop

 VSA Vermont and the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts present a fun, free and inclusive drumming workshop for children or adults on the autism spectrum on Sunday,  November 18, 2018, from 1 to 2 p.m. Classes use sensory-friendly drums and percussion instruments and relaxed expectations; no experience necessary. Info and pre-registration online at the Flynn Center website.
Contact: Sarah Caliendo at flynnarts@flynncenter.org or (802) 652-4537

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