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Volume 13, Issue 31

31 July 2019

World Language Standards - Request for Educator Collaboration

Audience: Superintendents, Principals, Curriculum Directors, Teachers
Earlier this year, the State Board of Education adopted the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages to replace Vermont’s Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities, Standards for Non-Native Learners. The Agency of Education is requesting assistance from elementary, middle and high school teachers to write sample indicators and proficiency-based graduation requirements that are aligned with the ACTFL standards. Please contact Martha Deiss if you are interested in this collaborative work that will take place in person and online during the 2019-2020 school year.
Contact: Martha Deiss at martha.deiss@vermont.gov or (802) 479-1487

Information on Hiring a New Food Service Manager

Audience: Business Managers, Superintendents, Principals, Food Service Directors and Managers
If your School Food Authority has hired a new food service manager recently or will be hiring a new food service manager or director over the summer, please plan to have them attend “Orientation to School Nutrition Management” at the Child Nutrition Summer Institute in Middlebury on Aug. 12-16. This training provides a solid foundation in all of the program regulations that your new food service manager will need to be successful in their first year. The training is also appropriate for food service managers with less than five years of experience. The registration deadline for this session is Monday, Aug. 5, 2019, however, you may save a spot for your new hire in this session (or other sessions) by registering them as “New Manager” in the name field, and contacting Child Nutrition Programs to update the registration information once they are hired. Before hiring a new director, please also check out the USDA’s minimum hiring requirements for new food service directors. Once you’ve made the hire, email mary.krueger@vermont.gov to get the new hire added to the food service manager’s email list and get set up with all the account logins that they will need to start the new year off right.
Contact: Rosie Krueger at mary.krueger@vermont.gov or (802) 479-1246

Child Summer Nutrition Institute Aug. 12-16

Audience: Food Service Directors and Managers, Business Managers, Superintendents, Principals, Nurses, After School Coordinators, Child Nutrition Program Operators
Registration is open for the annual Child Nutrition Summer Institute, which will be held Aug. 12-16, 2019 in Middlebury, VT. This annual conference offers almost 50 half-day, full-day and multi-day classes in topics including child nutrition program basics, menu planning, food safety, farm to school, waste reduction strategies, culinary skills, computer skills, and more! From the school side, we welcome school food service directors, managers and staff, principals, administrative assistants, business managers, superintendents, farm-to-school coordinators, nurses, and others in the school community who work on child nutrition. We are also pleased to offer classes for our other federal child nutrition program operators, including child care program directors and staff, and summer meals program sponsors. For class descriptions and registration information, visit the Summer Institute registration website. The registration deadline is Monday, Aug. 5, 2019.
Contact: Rosie Krueger at mary.krueger@vermont.gov or (802) 479-1246

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Two Online Graduate Courses Offered

The Center for Health and Learning is offering two online graduate courses: Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Education beginning Octrober 6, 2019. This course is offered so that teachers and health and guidance personnel have a sufficient level of professional development to enable them to competently teach or provide other services required in the school’s alcohol and drug abuse prevention education program and Cannabis and Mental Health - Debunking Myths About Cannabis beginning December 8, 2019. This course is offered so that teachers, health and guidance personnel have a sufficient level of professional development to enable them to competently teach or provide other services required in the school’s alcohol and drug abuse prevention education program specific to marijuana.
Contact: Catherine Diduk at info@healthandlearning.org or (802) 254-6590

Literacy Champions Symposium with Louisa Moats an Nancy Mather

Registration is open for the Stern Center for Language and Learning’s Literacy Champions Symposium on Friday, Sept. 27, 2019. Spend the day with literacy champions as we unpack decades of research and learn how we can grow strong readers and writers. Louisa Moats, Ed.D., kicks off the day busting myths about reading, discussing the state of literacy education and showing us how spelling and reading are interconnected. Nancy Mather, Ph.D., will spend the afternoon focusing on effective interventions for children who struggle with reading, spelling and written language. Registration due by Sept. 12, 2019.
Contact: SJ White at swhite@sterncenter.org

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