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Volume 18, Issue 10

March 27, 2024


The Agency of Education created the weekly field memo to keep subscribers up-to-date with current education policy, state-wide education initiatives, and official messages from the AOE. The Weekly Field Memo contains education-related posts from the Agency of Education (AOE), other State of Vermont agencies, federal agencies or Vermont's congressional delegation.

Contents: March 27, 2024

Reminder: Vermont Regional School Calendars for 2024-2025

16 V.S.A. §1071 (e), requires that before April 1 of each year, the superintendents of schools and the headmasters of public schools not managed by school boards in an area shall meet, and by majority vote, establish a uniform calendar within that area for the following school year. The calendar must include student attendance days, vacations, holidays and the requisite five teacher in-service education days. Please send approved, regional calendars to the Agency of Education at no later than April 1, 2024, or as soon as approved.
Contact: Suzanne Sprague/Maureen Gaidys at

Educational Equity Professional Learning Provider List Update

Audience: Superintendents, School Administrators
The Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) has updated the Educational Equity Professional Learning Providers List. This list of local and national professional learning providers is available to the state’s educators, updated periodically, and is a resource when planning their professional learning activities. The Suggested Questions When Selecting Educational Equity Professional Learning Providers includes the criteria used to identify the providers on this list.
Contact: Nancy Hellen at

New Resource: Multilingual Learners and Dual Identification

Audience: Special Education Directors, Building Administrators, Special Education Teachers, Multilingual Teachers, Interventionists, General Educators
A new resource has been posted, Multilingual Learners and Dual Identification, which focuses on helping special education teachers, Multilingual teachers, and administrators better serve Multilingual Learners with disabilities, particularly when identifying Multilingual Learners’ need for special education services. This document outlines best practice from pre-referral to the development of an IEP that ensures Multilingual Learners receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).
Contact: Cassie Santo at

Vermont Public: Eclipse Education Resources

Audience: Vermont Educators
This week, listen to But Why’s NEW eclipse-focused podcast episode and Vermont Public’s special television program. Go to Vermont Public’s Eclipse page to find all educational resources in one place, including special episodes of the Eye in the Sky with Fairbanks Museum’s Mark Breen. You can also find Eclipse Learning Guides for PreK/K-2, grades 3-5, and grades 6-12.
Contacts: Emily Leute at or Heather Duhamel at

Professional Learning Community Series

Audience: Superintendents, Curriculum Directors, Principals, and Teachers
The first three of four Professional Learning Community webinars created through a contract with Demonstrated Success are recorded and available at the bottom of the Vermont Data Use webpage. The first PLC focuses on Effective Teaming while the second addresses Setting Short and Long Term Goals. The third webinar discusses the Efficient and Effective Use of Common Data. The final webinar, Determining Needs and Implementing Intervention, will take place on April 4, 2024, from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. Each webinar includes strategies and resources for the effective use of data. Register for the final virtual session today.
Contact: Pat Fitzsimmons at

Specialized Service Providers: Making Connections with VTmtss Feedback Request

Audience: Superintendents, Principals/School Heads, Special Education Directors, MTSS Coordinators
The Specialized Service Providers (SSPs): Making Connections with VTmtss tool is to be used by school systems when reviewing and improving their collaboration with SSPs to utilize and embed their expertise. It is designed to increase staff awareness of these services and strives to expand access to these services for all students. This tool, published in October 2023, is in its piloting phase until June 30, 2024. It would be greatly appreciated if, after using the tool, you submitted your feedback via this online form.
Contact: Nancy Hellen at

2024 Developmental Disabilities Awareness Art Contest - Extended Deadline April 12, 2024

Audience: Superintendents, Special Education Administrators, All Educators, All Schools March is Developmental Disabilities Month, and the Vermont Agency of Education's Special Education Team is hosting an art contest for students with developmental disabilities. The theme for the 2024 contest is "We Are All Different and That's Beautiful." Each school LEA may submit an entry for each grade-band to described in the 2024 Developmental Disabilities Awareness Art Contest Guidelines and 2024 Developmental Disabilities Awareness Art Contest Release Form by extended deadline, April 12, 2024.
Contact: Heather Willis-Doxsee at

Student Member Sought for State Board of Education

Audience: Vermont Secondary Students – Graduating in 2026 or Later
The Governor’s Office is seeking a student candidate to serve on the State Board of Education to fill one of two roles of student representatives, which expires on June 30, 2024. The Governor will appoint one student to a two-year term, beginning upon appointment and extending until June 30, 2026. The appointed student will serve as a non-voting member of the State Board for the first year and will be a full voting member of the State Board for the second year. The State Board of Education usually meets on the third Wednesday of every month and establishes policies, regulations and rules related to education in Vermont and in keeping with statutes passed by the Legislature. Meetings are typically scheduled from about 8 a.m. to mid-day and there might also be opportunities to serve on committees of the Board. At present, the Board is meeting virtually each month via MS Teams, with a couple in-person meetings tentatively planned for the year. Candidates may apply using the Application for Gubernatorial Appointment. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 26, 2024.
Contact: Suzanne Sprague at Suzanne.Sprague@vermont,gov or Maureen Gaidys at (Questions about the State Board of Education) or (Questions about the application or the nomination process

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