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Volume 18, Issue 9

March 22, 2024


The Agency of Education created the weekly field memo to keep subscribers up-to-date with current education policy, state-wide education initiatives, and official messages from the AOE. The Weekly Field Memo contains education-related posts from the Agency of Education (AOE), other State of Vermont agencies, federal agencies or Vermont's congressional delegation.

Contents: March 22, 2024

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Registration Reminder

Audience: Superintendents, School Heads, School Administrators
In accordance with Vermont Statute
18 V.S.A. § 907, any individual who owns, leases or receives an AED must notify the Department of Health of the existence, location and type of device. If you have AEDs currently at your school/district and have not yet reported them, please contact Donna Jacob ( at the Office of Emergency Preparedness to report your AEDs.
Contact: Donna Jacob at

Webinar: FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Audience: Audience: Superintendents, School Heads, School Business Managers
In partnership with DPS, The Agency of Education is hosting an informational, school-specific webinar on Thursday, April 4, 2024, 2-3 p.m. about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). Funds are available to support natural hazard mitigation in Vermont after the July 2023 flooding. Pre-applications are due by June 21, 2024. Please see the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program information page to learn more. For inquiries about the grant program, please email
Contact: Taylor Goodwin at or (grant program)

Vermont Public: NOVA’s Great American Eclipse

Audience: Vermont Educators
On April 3, 2024, at 8 p.m., watch NOVA’s Great American Eclipse special on Vermont Public’s TV broadcast or stream online. Explore the spectacular cosmic phenomenon of a total solar eclipse. In April 2024, the moon’s shadow is sweeping from Texas to Maine, as the U.S. witnesses its last total solar eclipse until 2044. This extraordinary astronomical event will plunge locations in the path of totality into darkness for more than four minutes. Learn how to watch an eclipse safely and follow scientists as they work to unlock secrets of our sun.
Contact: Emily Leute at or Heather Duhamel at

Mental Health Service Professional Demonstration Grant Program

Audience: SEAs and high-needs LEAs, in partnership with an eligible IHE
Expanding the pipeline for school-based mental health by creating partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education to increase the number and diversity of high-quality, trained mental health providers in schools (eligible applicants: SEAs and high-needs LEAs, in partnership with an eligible IHE). For more information and application details, please visit Applications for New Awards; Mental Health Service Professional Demonstration Grant Program. Applications due May 15, 2024.
Contact: Taylor Goodwin at or

School-Based Mental Health Services Grant Program

Audience: SEAs and high-needs LEAs, including as a consortium
Assistance for high-needs LEAs to hire school-based mental health services (eligible applicants: SEAs and high-needs LEAs, including as a consortium). For more information and application details, please visit Applications for New Awards; School-Based Mental Health Services Grant Program. Applications due April 30, 2024.
Contact: Taylor Goodwin at or

Early Warning System Virtual Workshop: Using Data to Inform Interventions

Audience: Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, Interventionists, CTE Directors, Data and IT Managers
This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of how to draw insights from early warning indicators (EWI). Workshop topics include analyzing and interpreting early warning data, student data trends, root cause analysis, and assigning support and interventions. While the collection of EWI data is undeniably important, its true potential is unlocked when educators engage in a thorough, structured analysis. It’s this process that facilitates proactive interventions, ensuring that every student receives the additional support they need to succeed. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, from 1-2:30 p.m. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP for the workshop online.
Contact: Ryan Parkman at

Vermont Agency of Education IDEA Part B Grant Application – Open for Public Comment March 21, 2024 - May 24, 2024

Audience: Audience: Education Administrators, School Board Members, Educators, General Public
The Vermont Agency of Education has developed a draft application packet for IDEA Part B funds and, by this notice, is making the application available for review and comment. The application packet, developed by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs includes a summary of the assurances, certifications, and IDEA use of fund descriptions the state will use to implement Part B of IDEA. Upon the Office of Special Education Programs’ approval of Vermont's Part B application, the state will receive a federal grant award under Part B of the IDEA for the period of July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025. Please provide public comment to no later than May 24, 2024.
Contact: Heather Willis-Doxsee at

Info Session for Nicotine and Substance Use Prevention Grant

Audience: Administrators
There will be a second information session/open office hours on Friday, March 22, 2024, from 10-11 a.m. regarding the Nicotine and Substance Use Prevention grant. Please send any questions to Information regarding the grant can be found on the Substance Use Prevention webpage and this is also where the recording from last week's informational session will soon be available.
Contact: Beth Keister at

Civics - Professional Development

Audience: Superintendents, Curriculum Directors, Administrators, Educators Grades 4-8
The U.S. Department of Education, Georgetown University, and the Center for Civic Education have collaborated on Civics Empowers All Students (CEAS). This study is designed to increase student attainment of state civic standards, related literacy standards, and SEL competencies for students in grades 4-8. This summer professional development opportunity for teachers/schools will be offered for supporting high-need student populations in developing essential 21st-century work and civic skills, such as effective problem-solving, critical-thinking, decision-making, and communication skills. The 2024-25 CEAS flyer provides the application and additional information.
Contact: Martha Deiss at

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