Edmodo for Classroom Teachers

For classroom teachers, Edmodo can be a powerful tool that gives you the tools to share class materials, assess student learning, keep parents updated, and build vibrant classroom communities. Classes are enclosed communities where teachers and students can communicate, participate in discussions, and complete assessments.

Teachers can create small groups within their classes to differentiate instruction and capitalize on personal interactions with students. Small groups are great for ongoing projects, gamification, and differentiated instruction. Just as teachers can assign quizzes and assignments to the main class, so too, can teachers assign quizzes and assignments to students in a small group.

Edmodo offers the following tools:

  • Lesson Builder for lesson planning
  • Discover for content discovery
  • Progress Quiz for insights and assessment tools
  • Small Groups for asynchronous assignments and collaboration
  • Live Class for synchronous lesson delivery
  • Class Space for lesson distribution

Ready to Begin?

To get started we recommend all teachers and administrators take this short self-paced course, which can be completed at your own pace and is designed to take up to a total of 2 hours.

Before logging in, familiarize yourself with Edmodo’s powerful learner driven features by downloading this Edmodo Teacher User Guide

Want a guided walkthrough of Edmodo’s most used features? Check out this collection of videos that provide an overview of Edmodo’s most popular tools.

Finally, it is important to create a safe and friendly learning environment to ensure that Vermont’s digital learning spaces are productive and valuable. Download the Teacher Community Guidelines to help you create meaningful spaces for learning.

We already use Google Classroom...does it integrate with Edmodo?

According to Edmodo, ‘while a district might think that the ubiquity of Google Classroom is what makes it easy to use, plenty of educators find they need to supplement it with other apps.'

Edmodo already integrates with Google Drive and Office 365, so educators can create and share digital documents directly from their accounts with students. But educators tend to differ on what they split between Edmodo and other tools.

Ambassador Lucia Bartolotti likes to pair Google Drive’s documents with Edmodo’s classroom tools. ‘Drive is a powerful platform which allows me to create and share digital objects,' she notes, ‘while Edmodo is excellent for communicating and organizing the learning space.’

Similarly, former educator Kate Baker kept all her classroom communication in Edmodo while using Google Classroom for organizing documents. ‘I used Google Classroom’s document workflow to help train my students in using a variety of digital tools. However, all communication happened in Edmodo in the Share Our Work small group.’

How does Edmodo integrate with other apps or tools?

Educators can use Edmodo in conjunction with other apps or online tools they are already effectively using. Here are some ways that current Edmodo users integrate tech tools to create engaging learning environments:

"Teachers use Edmodo to post Nearpod join codes and links. This is a timesaver for teachers. They do not need to repeat the code and seeing the code makes everything accessible for all learners." -- Sheryl Place

"My students are teenagers who love tech. When I proposed them to link their Duolingo account to Edmodo they were excited and decided to challenge one each other to work harder in Duolingo." -- Ivan Esquit

"Teachers post PDF articles from Newslea into their Edmodo Communication stream. The ability to save the document directly into the library is great for many students who then use their built in annotation tools to mediate meaning in the article." -- Sheryl Place

"I create different educational games using Kahoot, then share each with students using Edmodo. I even added a badge in Edmodo called Kahoot Games, and each time students play I give first three places a badge." -- Manar Wehbe

"Teachers love to post FlipGrid codes on Edmodo. At the beginning of the year, the teacher may even pin the FlipGrid code at the top of the communication to make locating the code easier for students." -- Sheryl Place

Does Edmodo allow for video live streaming?

Video live streaming in Edmodo will support synchronous online learning experiences, and help you more closely match online learning to the in-person classroom experience that your students are used to. Edmodo will have native Zoom support, enabling Orgs to integrate their existing accounts, or to buy a new license via Edmodo (additional per user fee) by August 31, 2020.

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