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Facilitation Guide: Considerations for Student Participation in a Flexible Pathway

February 23, 2024
The purpose of the Student Participation Tool is to support a consistent process for students and their advisors to determine how a Flexible Pathway opportunity fits within a student’s Personalized Learning Plan (PLP), to verify the necessary preparation required to engage in the learning experience, and to identify the supports they may need to be successful. It is not intended to be a checklist, but rather a guide for students to ensure that the potential learning experience is practical and aligned to the student’s short- and long-term goals. Evidence should be provided to support why the learning opportunity is or is not appropriate for the student. This tool is also meant to support discussions about Flexible Pathways options with students and their families, and for educators to ensure that they have considered the questions provided and are working towards implementing procedures, practices, and processes consistent with Vermont’s Education Quality Standards.
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