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Table data
Title File Category Date File Format
Guidelines for the Development of Science Inquiry Tasks edu-science-guidelines-for-the-development-of-science-inquiry-tasks.pdf (383.44 KB) 10/27/2016 PDF
Memo: Medicaid Annual Reinvestment Report Allowable Costs edu-medicaid-annual-reinvestment-report allowable costs letter.pdf (101.58 KB) 09/01/2016 PDF
Medicaid Annual Reinvestment Report Instructions edu-medicaid-reinvestment-report-instructions.pdf (186.43 KB) 09/01/2016 PDF
Guiding Questions on Spending Medicaid Reinvestment Funds edu-medicaid-guiding-questions.pdf (151.23 KB) 09/01/2016 PDF
VSBPE Meeting Minutes - September 27, 2016 edu-educator-quality-vsbpe-092716-minutes.pdf (460.36 KB) 09/27/2016 PDF
Processes for Obtaining Approval to Serve Special Education Students in Vermont Independent Schools edu-independent-school-processes-obtaining-approval-special-education-students.pdf (144.33 KB) 09/01/2016 PDF
State Board Action on Independent School Rules edu-memo-holcombe-state-board-action-may-2015-regarding-independent-schools.pdf (374.13 KB) 07/09/2015 PDF
Memo: Independent School Rate Setting edu-independent-school-spec-educ-rate-approval-settings-memo.pdf (157.68 KB) 09/01/2016 PDF
Natural Resources and Agriculture Standard edu-science-natural-resources-and-agriculture-standard.pdf (285.44 KB) 10/27/2016 PDF
Agenda Item C1: Draft Minutes from October 18, 2016 edu-state-board-item-c1-draft-minutes-111516.pdf (214.2 KB) 10/28/2016 PDF
Expanding Your Instructional Level or Subject Area edu-educator-quality-expand-instructional-level-transcript-review.pdf (197.1 KB) 01/29/2020 PDF
Child Nutrition Programs Civil Rights Training Documentation child-nutrition-civil-rights-training-documentation.pdf (360.46 KB) 11/09/2023 PDF
Child Nutrition Programs Civil Rights Training Manual edu-cnp-Civil-Rights-Training-Manual.pdf (368.7 KB) 10/09/2023 PDF
FSMC Contract Renewal edu-school-food-service-management-contract-renewal_0.pdf (637.2 KB) 07/06/2023 PDF
Agricultural Mechanics edu-career-tech-standards-agricultural-mechanics.pdf (213.31 KB) 09/01/2016 PDF
Heating, Ventilation and AC edu-career-tech-standards-heating-ventilation-and-ac.pdf (183.43 KB) 09/02/2016 PDF
SFA School CEP Notification Memo 2019-2020 SFA School CEP Notification memo 5-1-19.pdf (202.95 KB) 05/01/2019 PDF
CEP School Notification List CEP Notification to Schools 5-1-19.pdf (271.15 KB) 05/01/2019 PDF
Community Eligibility Provision School Food Authority Agreement edu-nutrition-school-food-authority-agreement-2016-2017.pdf (253.83 KB) 09/02/2016 PDF
Census Reporting and Household Income Forms for Community Eligibility Schools edu-memo-nutrition-regarding-student-census-reporting-and-household-income-2017.pdf (314.85 KB) 05/01/2017 PDF