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Title Sort descending File Category Date File Format
Washington County Mental Health AR Summary edu-nutrition-washington-county-mental-health-ar-summary.pdf (429.66 KB) 10/05/2017 PDF
Washington Northeast SU AR Summary 2019 edu-nutrition-washington-ne-ar-summary-2019.pdf (362.96 KB) 03/01/2019 PDF
Washington South SU AR Summary edu-nutrition-washington-south-ar-summary.pdf (433.46 KB) 10/03/2017 PDF
Water Flushing Guide for School Building Owners and Facilities Managers Before Reopening for the 2020-21 School Year aoe-vdh-dec-water-flushing-guide-for-school-building-owners-and-facilities-managers-before-reopening-for-the-2020-21-school-year.pdf (285.31 KB) 08/27/2020 PDF
Web and Document Accessibility Policy edu-web-and-accessibility-policy.pdf (335.55 KB) 08/31/2018 PDF
Webinar Transcript - Monitoring 2021 Webinar Transcript - Monitoring - 2021.pdf (133.33 KB) 09/09/2021 PDF
Webinar: Routes to Licensure for Special Education Provisional Licensure Candidates VT Provisional Webinar Flyer.pdf (225.44 KB) 08/05/2022 PDF
Well-Being Thematic Evergreen: PBS Program and Supplemental Resources edu-well-being-thematic-evergreen-resources.pdf (357.1 KB) 09/01/2020 PDF
Wesley Case Study: Form 1 - Notice of Meeting, EPT edu-form-1-notice-of-meeting-ept-wesley.pdf (289.03 KB) 03/20/2023 PDF
Wesley Case Study: Form 1- Notice of Meeting, Eligibility edu-form-1-notice-of-meeting-eligibility-wesley.pdf (292.83 KB) 03/20/2023 PDF
Wesley Case Study: Form 2 - Special Education Evaluation Plan edu-form-2-sped-evaluation-plan-wesley.pdf (256.19 KB) 03/20/2023 PDF
Wesley Case Study: Form 2 - Special Education Evaluation Report edu-form-2-sped-evaluation-report-wesley.pdf (273.53 KB) 03/20/2023 PDF
Wesley Case Study: Form 3 - Prior Written Notice for Special Education Evaluation edu-form-3-prior-written-notice-for-special-education-evaluation-welsey.pdf (591.36 KB) 03/20/2023 PDF
Wesley Case Study: Form 3a - Consent for a Special Education Evaluation edu-form-3a-consent-for-sped-evaluation-wesley.pdf (583.23 KB) 03/20/2023 PDF
Wesley Case Study: Form 5 - Individualized Education Program (IEP) edu-form-5-iep-wesley.pdf (300.57 KB) 03/20/2023 PDF
Wesley Case Study: Form 6 - Consent for Initial Provision of Special Education Services edu-form-6-consent-for-initial-provision-of-sped-services-wesley.pdf (547.37 KB) 03/20/2023 PDF
Westminster Center School Receives Technology Grant from Vermont Lottery edu-press-release-lottery-grant-fall-winner.pdf (126.2 KB) 11/07/2016 PDF
What About the Schools? Factors Contributing to Expanded State Investment in School Facilities - Rivera and Cardenas 2017 IDRA-School-Facilities-Report-by-Dr-Marialena-Rivera-2017.pdf (1.95 MB) 10/20/2023 PDF
What application process do I use to get my Initial Vermont Educator License? edu-initial-vermont-educator-license-flowchart.pdf (169.83 KB) 06/19/2019 PDF
What are Flexible Pathways? edu-plp-what-are-flexible-pathways.pdf (522.13 KB) 02/27/2020 PDF