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Table data
Title File Category Date File Format
Assessment Accommodations School Year 2018 assessment-accommodations-school-year-2018 locked.xlsx (75.59 KB) 05/13/2020 Text
OCTAE IET Checklist 2018 edu-octae-iet-checklist-2018.docx (46.63 KB) 10/02/2020 Text
VSBPE Correspondence: VDTSEA Letter of Support VDTSEA support letter to VSBPE.docx (85.25 KB) 05/28/2020 Text
VTmtss System Screener edu-vtmtss-system-screener.docx (740.33 KB) 02/16/2023 Text
Template Media Release for Closed Enrolled Sites in Area Eligible Locations edu-nutrition-template-media-release-for-closed-enrolled-sites-in-area-eligible-locations.docx (22.97 KB) 05/26/2022 Text
VSBPE Agenda Item 3A: Proposed Rule Changes VSBPE Agenda Item 3A - Rule Changes Justification Table.docx (1.29 MB) 05/28/2020 Text
Summary of Performance Exit Report edu-summary-of-performance-exit-report.docx (729.82 KB) 07/31/2020 Text
Compensatory Services Recovery Services: Skills Regression Template edu-compensatory-services-recovery-services-skills-regression-template.docx (814.91 KB) 07/23/2020 Text
Early College Program HE Agreement edu-ecp-he-agreement.docx (727 KB) 08/07/2020 Text
Spanish Household Income Form edu-nutrition-2021-spanish-household-income-form.docx (104.27 KB) 11/13/2020 Text
Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolkit - 5 Why's Worksheet 5 Whys Worksheet.docx (744.32 KB) 05/20/2020 Text
High School Completion Program Prior Approval Request Form FY22 edu-high-school-completion-program-prior-approval-request-form.docx (731.49 KB) 12/10/2021 Text
Template FSMC Contract Amendment for the Addition of CACFP edu-nutrition-fsmc-cacfp-amendment.docx (45.13 KB) 10/13/2020 Text
Informal Procurement Template Blank edu-nutrition-informal-procurement-template-blank.docx (23.69 KB) 09/09/2019 Text
English Language Arts Performance Assessment Template edu-english-language-arts-performance-assessment-template.docx (727.71 KB) 06/22/2021 Text
AEL IET Program Registration Form edu-ael-iet-program-registration-form.docx (727.61 KB) 09/17/2021 Text
CFP Data Inventory Template edu-cfp-data-inventory-template.docx (773.37 KB) 04/18/2024 Text
Child Nutrition P-EBT Template Letter to Households - Spanish edu-child-nutrition-p-ebt-template-letter-to-households-spanish.docx (30.16 KB) 02/02/2021 Text
Agency of Education Co-Teaching Application edu-aoe-co-teaching-application.docx (733.22 KB) 09/03/2020 Text
Home Study Parent Report and Student Portfolio Word Template edu-home-study-parent-report-student-portfolio-word-template (2).docx (19.7 KB) 06/07/2022 Text