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Act 173 Guidance Documents

The resources below are designed to help union, district, and school systems interpret and implement the goals of Act 173 locally. This page will be expanded over time as more resources are developed. Current resources include:

Act 173 of 2018 Overview and Framing Documents

Act 173 of 2018 Systems Lever Sub-Framing Documents

The Agency of Education (AOE) has identified four systems levers associated with effective Act 173 implementation: Education Support Teams (ESTs), Coordinated Curriculum, Local Comprehensive Assessment Systems (LCAS), and Needs-based Professional Development (NBPD). These systems levers reflect longstanding Education Quality Standards (EQS) requirements. The AOE believes that if school systems are effectively implementing these four systems levers, then they will have the systems in place to realize the goals of Act 173.

The AOE has created four Act 173 sub-framing documents, one for each systems lever. These documents describe each systems lever, articulate critical considerations in each systems lever’s development and implementation, and describe connections between and across levers. The sub-framing documents are also meant to describe the levers at a high level; each one has been expanded on in subsequent guidance and resources, which can be found in the “Additional 173 Tools and Resources” section, below.

Additional 173 Tools and Resources

This section contains tools and resources that are designed to help school systems understand their systemic needs for implementing the goals of Act 173 through a VTmtss lens. Additional systems development guidance is organized by systems levers.

  • VTmtss Tools
  • VTmtss Driver Diagram, and associated tools, translate the VTmtss framework into a format that can be more readily applied to SU/School continuous improvement planning. The Making Connections with VTmtss documents are a part of that tool set and link each systemic component (lever) of Act 173 with related component indicators in the VTmtss Driver Diagram.
  • Coordinated Curriculum: Making Connections with VTmtss
  • Educational Support Teams: Making Connections with VTmtss
  • Local Comprehensive Assessment Systems: Making Connections with VTmtss
  • Needs-based Professional Development: Making Connections with VTmtss 

Systems Development Guidance

Educational Support Teams (EST)

With the passage of Act 173 of 2018, Educational Support Teams have become a prominent feature in improving supports to all VT students. These documents provide guidance and tools dedicated to ESTs.

Coordinated Curriculum

The AOE has identified coordinated curriculum as one of the four systems levers for achieving the goals of Act 173, further supporting the provisions of EQS that emphasize research-based instruction, personalized learning and PLPs, flexible pathways, and proficiency-based learning.

Local Comprehensive Assessment Systems

The AOE has identified Local Comprehensive Assessment Systems as one of the four systems lever for achieving the goals of Act 173 and further supporting existing rules and practices that pertain to assessment systems.

Needs Based Professional Development

The AOE has identified needs-based professional development as one of the four systems levers for achieving the goals of Act 173.

Fiscal Guidance

Guidance and News Archive