Vermont Multi-tiered System of Supports Framework

The goal of VTmtss is to guide Vermont educators as they work to prevent difficulties where possible and to support students when needed so that all students can succeed.

In 2015, Vermont‘s Title 16 (16 V.S.A. § 2902) replaced the term "Education Support System" with "Tiered System of Support". The term also appears in the Vermont State Board of Education Rules Series 2000 – Education Quality Standards under 2121.5. More than just a name change, a Multi-tiered System of Support provides a framework that “at a minimum, includes an educational support team, instructional and behavioral interventions, and accommodations that are available as needed for any student who requires support beyond what can be provided in the general education classroom, and may include intensive, individualized interventions for any student requiring a higher level of support”.

VTmtss is about changing opportunity for all students. VTmtss unifies a progressive system of supports, personalization, flexible pathways and proficiencies. Context matters: VTmtss promotes a systemic approach that acknowledges the importance of Vermont’s cultural context and connects schools with services and institutions in the community.

The VTmtss Framework supports a focus, among both general and special educators, on preventing academic, social emotional, and behavioral difficulties and improving learning for all students through increasingly differentiated and intensified assessment, instruction, and intervention. It is both a framework for decision making and a call to action.

VTmtss Professional Learning Provider List

The AOE has published a list of professional learning providers who can support and train LEAs around The VTmtss Framework. Vendors were included on this list after responding to a Request for Information (RFI) by demonstrating their work to support schools in strengthen their VTmtss. The list includes information on each vendor’s areas of specialty and services provided. Please note that inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement from the State of Vermont; school systems are encouraged to conduct additional research and reference checks to identify the resource(s) that will best address their equity needs.

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