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Vermont Multi-tiered System of Supports Professional Resources

Universal Screening for Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs and Strengths in Vermont Schools  

These guidelines are designed to support the work of LEA leadership (Supervisory Union, School District, and Independent Schools) in the universal screening of students for social, emotional, and behavioral needs and strengths. Just as with academic needs, addressing social, emotional, behavioral, mental health, and wellness needs in school is a core component of a multi-tiered system of support and needs to be specifically addressed in continuous improvement plans at the school and LEA level. There is extensive guidance on interconnecting mental health with the Early MTSS, Vermont Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (VTmtss) Framework, and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

Family Engagement Toolkit and Self-Assessment

The Vermont Family Engagement Toolkit and Self-Assessment is designed to be an easy-to-use, practical guide for educators seeking to develop and maintain growth of school or Supervisory Union/District family engagement work, including for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). The Toolkit provides researched-based information, proven strategies, a Self-Assessment to reflect on your own practice, and links to additional tools that can be customized to Supervisory Union/District or school needs. This Toolkit is only one of many resources available to teachers, administrators, families, and communities to continue to support the academic achievement and success of all children and families they serve.

Archived VTmtss Office Hours

The VTmtss Team hosts monthly, electronic Office Hours during the school year. See below for past Office Hour recordings. 

March 2020: This Office Hour offers an interview with AOE colleagues in the Student Pathways Division regarding the benefits and barriers of Flexible Pathways and Act 77. Learn about best practices, alignment with the VTmtss Framework, and how to provide the most equitable opportunities.

VTmtss Office Hour – March 2020 Presentation Slides

January 2020: This Office hour focuses on understanding and strengthening an effective Local Comprehensive Assessment System, a key lever for carrying out Act 173. The webinar offers an interview with Pat Fitzsimmons and Sigrid Olson about how the VTmtss Framework can support work with Proficiency-based Learning and Flexible Pathways, with an eye on assessment systems.

VTmtss Office Hour - January 2020 Presentation Slides

December 2019: This Office Hour is an interview format to learn more about Educational Support Teams (EST) and the recently published Guidance Document to support schools in providing equitable opportunities. Please note that we had technical difficulties with the sound partway through, so be sure to turn on Closed Captioning to capture the full information.

VTmtss Office Hour - December 2019 Presentation Slides

November 2019: This office hour offers a comprehensive overview of VTmtss and the newly-revised Field Guide. Learn how VTmtss connects to the larger Vermont educational landscape and how the VTmtss Team can help support your school's continuous improvement.

VTmtss Office Hour - November 2019 Presentation Slides

October 2019: Explore the MTSS Survey Summary Report and learn about the data reported by all Vermont K-12 (294) public school principals and how the VTmtss Team can provide further support for expanding your school's VTmtss Framework. *Please note that we had technical difficulties with this recording and have instead posted a copy of the PowerPoint presentation.

VTmtss Office Hour - October 2019

Agency of Education Related Resources

In an effort to align initiatives and coordinate with state legislation, we have offered links to other key AOE documents or teams to support building VTmtss in your school.

A Blueprint for Early Literacy Comprehensive System of Services, Pre-K to 3rd Grade is an AOE document that provides guidelines and resources for developing an Early Literacy Comprehensive System of Services, Pre-kindergarten to 3rd Grade

Coaching as Professional Learning, information and resources that support implementing and sustaining effective coaching

Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolkit, a resource to engage in the first phase of Continuous Improvement Planning

Continuous Improvement, information regarding Vermont’s educational model of continuous improvement

Education Quality Standards, statewide rules to ensure that all students in Vermont public schools are afforded educational opportunities that are substantially equal in quality

Empowered Paraprofessionals Workshop: This recorded session from a 2020 paraeducator professional development series introduces paraeducators to The VTmtss Framework and how the recently revised Field Guide can help inform equity in school systems. The session allows the opportunity for personal reflection and to brainstorm ways the Framework can apply to your unique context.

Supporting English Learners (EL): A Conversation with Jim McCobb, AOE Title III/English Learner Coordinator

Strengthening and Streamlining Local Comprehensive Assessment Systems, an AOE document that provides guidelines and resources for developing a local comprehensive assessment system

Student Learning Team, resources for proficiency-based learning, personalized learning, and flexible pathways

Vermont Annual School Snapshot, a quantitative look at school quality, measuring performance for schools, supervisory unions and school districts, and the state as a whole