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Act 173 Technical Guidance: Educational Support Teams in School District Systems

October 23, 2019

This document is one of a series of four supporting guidance documents the Agency of Education (AOE) has developed to provide supplemental information to the Education Quality Standards (EQS) rules and practices as they pertain to the change in practices necessary to implement Act 173 of 2018. In a document entitled Developing Systems to Support the Success of All Students released on Aug. 26, 2019, the AOE identified four areas of focused activity for school districts and supervisory unions (SU/SDs) under Act 173:

  • Educational Support Teams (ESTs);
  • Local Comprehensive Assessment System;
  • Coordinated Curriculum; and
  • Needs-based Professional Development.

The AOE will be publishing supplemental guidance documents for each of these focus areas regularly through January of 2020. Together, the goal of these guidance documents is to build coherence among educational stakeholders about the work involved to implement Act 173 successfully. Coherence and focus will be necessary as we then shift our work to identifying, supporting and scaling best practices across the entire educational system.

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