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Volume 10, Issue 33

September 14, 2016

AOE Seeks Qualified Individuals for Short Duration Activities

Audience: All

The Agency of Education is seeking qualified individuals for short duration activites to be held throughout the year. The activities will consist of Peer Review Panels, ROPA Teams, Student Assessment Scoring, Site Monitoring Teams, Committee of Practitioners, Conference Presentations, and ad hoc Committees, Groups and Panels. Learn more.

Contact: Shelley Matz at (802) 479-1754 or

Educator Licensing Information - Acceptance of Praxis Score Reports

Audience: Vermont Educators

In our continuing efforts for greater efficiency in the application process, the Licensing Office has revised its practice related to acceptance of ETS Praxis Score Reports. Effective September 1, 2016 official Praxis Score Reports can be scanned and uploaded into an application by an applicant. Specific information regarding this change in practice may be found in our recent memo.

Contact: Educator Quality Division Licensing Office at (802) 479-1700.

Vermont Sample Transferable Skills Scoring Guide

Audience: Curriculum Directors, Principals, Teachers

The scoring criteria for the indicators related to each of Vermont's Sample Transferable Skills are now posted on the AOE website. The criteria are the result of a collaborative effort with Great Schools Partnership, students, and educators throughout Vermont. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this work! Additional resources will soon be posted. 

Contact: Pat Fitzsimmons at (802) 479-1878 or

Core Team Collaboration Event, Professional Development Day

Audience: Special Educators, Guidance Counselors, Voc Rehab Counselors, Developmental Services Staff, Mental Health Professionals

Save the date for the  Core Team Collaboration Event at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont. This professional development day will be hosted by the AOE, Vocational Rehabilitation, Developmental Services, Department of Mental Health, Vermont Family Network, and the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion/University of Vermont. Let's build our interagency teams and work toward how we can best support Transition Aged Youth. Lunch will be provided. October 18, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Saint Michael's College.

Contact John Spinney, post-secondary transition coordinator, at (802) 479-1495 or

Vermont Curriculum Leaders Association: Most Likely to Succeed

Audience: Superintendents, School Board Members, Curriculum Directors, Principals, Teacher Leaders

Vermont Education Secretary Holcombe will begin the first Vermont Curriculum Leaders Association (VTCLA) meeting of the new school year by sharing her thoughts about the year ahead. This will provide a  Vermont context for viewing and discussing the film, "Most Likely to Succeed." The film examines various American educational practices that have remained in place regardless of dramatic changes brought about by technology and a changing marketplace. High Tech High in San Diego, California is featured and demonstrates how project-based learning with a student-focused curriculum can reawaken engagement and love of learning. We encourage educational leaders at all levels to attend and participate in the discussion of this thought provoking film. The meeting will take place on September 30, 2016 at the Lake Morey Inn. For registration information, please go to the VTCLA website.

Contact: Pat Fitzsimmons at (802) 479-1878 or or Jenn Barone at

Vermont Professional Learning Network 

Audience: Principals, Curriculum Directors, Instructional Coaches, School Based Leaders

The Vermont Agency of Education is partnering with the Center for Collaborative Education to support the work of schools and districts in implementing Proficiency-Based Learning through the state's Professional Learning Network (PLN). The goal of the PLN is to design and provide collaborative professional learning opportunities (spaces, resources, and events) focused on Instructional Practices, Flexible Pathways, and Local Comprehensive Assessment Systems. We are looking for principals, curriculum directors, instructional coaches, and/or school based leaders to join this work. Learn more and apply

Contact: Jennifer Gresham at (802) 479-1191 or or MC Moran at (802) 479-1205 or

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

The office of Gov. Peter Shumlin is in search of top youth volunteers in Vermont as they kick off the 22nd year of The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. The office will solicit applications from young Vermont residents in grades 5-12 through middle level and high schools, as well as through Girl Scout Councils, county 4-H organizations, American Red Cross chapters, YMCAs and affiliates of the HandsOn Network. Vermont's top middle level and high school youth volunteers for 2017 will be announced February 7, 2017. The winners will go to Washington D.C. in May 2017 for four days of special regonition events, along with the top two applicants from every other state and the District of Columbia. 

Contact: Patrick Campbell, Office of the Governor, at (802) 828-3333 or

Courtesy Postings

TRY For the Environment - Teen Teachers Wanted

TRY stands for Teens Reaching Youth and is an environmental leadership opportunity for youth in grades 7-12. It is a teen-led environmental education program with an embedded service learning component designed to teach environmental literacy and responsibility to younger youth. TRY for the Envrionment includes four program areas - renewable energy, waste solutions, food systems and forest & tress - to connect young people to real-world environmental problems in which they can be key change agents helping to create real-world soultions. For more information visit the University of Vermont Extension website. 

Contact: Lauren Traister, 4-H Teen & Leadership Program Coordinator, at (802) 888-4972 ext. 402 or

Webinar: What You Need to Know About Truancy and Vermont Schools

This webinar will provide an overview of Vermont laws, policies and procedures on truancy. It will also offer tips and general legal advice for families facing truancy proceedings. Guidance and special considerations for families of children with special needs will also be reviewed. Nancy Breiden, Disability Law Project Director, will present the webinar. Register online for the truancy webinar

Contact: Janice Sabett at

Managing Day to Day Life in the Classroom as a New Teacher

Two regional teacher mentors will spend the day with new teachers focused on proactive problem-solving strategies, effective ways to work with parents and colleagues, challenging student behaviors and more. This one-day workshop will be held October 18, 2016. Register online. 

Contact: Jeanne Chicoine at (802) 497-1642. 

Fall 2016 National Consortium for Teaching About Asia Seminar

Enrich your teaching about Asia by attending the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA) seminar. Learn about modern-day and historical Japan, Korea and China through presentations by experts in the field followed by practical hands-on activites to enrich your teaching. Participants will complete 24 hours of face-to-face and six hours of online training after which they will recieve a $150 stipend and $240 in classroom resources. Two hours of graduate credit are also possible. Any full-time educator who has the ability to incorporate East Asia content into their classroom is invited to participate. 

Contact: Gerry Gatz at

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