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Vermont Public

Vermont AOE and Vermont Public Partnership

The Agency of Education (AOE) and Vermont Public (formerly Vermont PBS and VPR) continue their partnership to support learning for Vermont students and school communities. This partnership provides access to free educational programming, curricular connections, hands-on kits, and distance learning tutorials.

Mahsi’choo for the Info! Molly of Denali Teaches Children About Informational Text – This report summarizes the Education Development Center and SRI Education’s research about how Molly of Denali can help teach children to use and create informational text. As the report states, “Intentionally designed videos and games—where appealing characters model when and how to use informational text to solve real-world problems and help the community, while also having fun exploring their environment—engage children and promote learning.”

Indigenous Cultural and Informational Text Resources – This webinar, co-hosted by Vermont Agency of Education specialists and Vermont PBS, incorporates the voices of educators.

Indigenous Cultural and Informational Text Resources from Molly of Denali September 29, 2021; 7 PM ET by GBH, PBS LearningMedia and Vermont PBS

Monthly Resources

Visit Vermont Public Kids and Education each month to discover resources connected to monthly themes. Resources and programming are organized by grade band and content area. 

General Resources

Support Conversations about Ukraine

PBS Learning Media is offering context to unfolding events in Ukraine.

  • WVIZ/Ideastream’s NewsDepth and KET’s News Quiz both have weekly news segments with timely updates for students in late elementary and middle school.
  • PBS NewsHour Classroom Collection has added a segment on the Ukrainian refugee crisis, including discussion questions for middle and high school students. Teachers can also search for news segments covering the ongoing conflict in the region (including these segments from newscasts between December 2013 and March 2014).

Holocaust Remembrance Collections (for Grades 6-8 and 9-12)

PBSLM: Lessons of the Holocaust Collection – These three video collections offer educators a detailed exploration of different ways to approach the history of the Holocaust in the classroom.

  • Murals of the Holocaust describes a summer program that offers an art-integrated history course on Germany and the Holocaust.
  • Juliek’s Violin focuses on three pieces of classical music, including music from the scene in Elie Wiesel’s "Night" where Juliek plays the violin in the concentration camp.
  • Teaching the Holocaust explores how two middle school educators approach the teaching of Holocaust history to their students.

Just for Teachers

  • As the nation navigates the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this film, A Trusted Space, and curriculum offers tools to mitigate the effects of grief, trauma, anxiety, and other emotional stressors affecting both students and teachers.

Media Literacy

Beyond Screentime: The Fundamentals of PBS Learning Media Navigation

Playful Learning Collections for Home: Resources for Parents

Guidance Documents and Other Resources


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