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Tuition Rates

Allowable Tuition

The allowable tuition report (previously known as Net Cost Per Pupil) lists, by school district and grade level, the actual rate towns may charge for tuition. Allowable tuition is calculated by dividing actual allowable expenditures by the full-time equivalency of students. Vermont law requires publication of these data on or before November 1 of each year.

Announced Tuition

Announced tuition rates for an upcoming school year are listed by town district, union district and private academy. Announced tuition is an estimate of allowable tuition reported by districts receiving tuitioned students.

Town and Unified School Districts Tuitioning One or More Grades

Vermont school districts that do not operate schools for some or all of the grades K through 12, nor belong to union school districts for those grades are required to pay tuition to other public or approved independent schools for students in the grades indicated. Vermont law requires these school districts to pay full tuition to public schools and tuition up to the Average Announced Tuition for Union Schools to approved independent schools. 


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