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Title File Category Date File Format
Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolkit - Problem of Practice Worksheet Problem of Practice Worksheet.docx (707.67 KB) 05/20/2020 Text
Appendix A - Checklist edu-ael-appendix-a-checklist.docx (40.85 KB) 02/04/2020 Text
Spanish Household Income Form edu-nutrition-2021-spanish-household-income-form.docx (104.27 KB) 11/13/2020 Text
Model Policy on the Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students edu-healthy-safe-schools-hhb-model-policy.docx (23.77 KB) 08/16/2016 Text
Model Procedures on the Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students edu-healthy-safe-schools-hhb-model-procedures.docx (29.85 KB) 08/16/2016 Text
Agency of Education Co-Teaching Application edu-aoe-co-teaching-application.docx (733.22 KB) 09/03/2020 Text
Faculty Supervision and Evaluation Plan -Milton Town School District edu-educator-quality-faculty-evaluation-plan-milton.docx (171.64 KB) 08/16/2016 Text
Supervision and Evaluation Plan - Caledonia North edu-educator-quality-supervision-evaluation-plan-caledonia-north.docx (55.04 KB) 08/16/2016 Text
HSCP Request to Graduate Form FY22 edu-hscp-request-to-graduate-form.docx (733.91 KB) 12/10/2021 Text
Item H: Kurn Hattin Closure Letter 09.10.20 edu-state-board-item-h-6-10_21_20-closure letter.pdf (575 KB) 10/21/2020 Text
English Language Arts Performance Assessment Template edu-english-language-arts-performance-assessment-template.docx (727.71 KB) 06/22/2021 Text
Template FSMC Contract Amendment for the Addition of CACFP edu-nutrition-fsmc-cacfp-amendment.docx (45.13 KB) 10/13/2020 Text
AEL IET Program Registration Form edu-ael-iet-program-registration-form.docx (727.61 KB) 09/17/2021 Text
VSBPE Agenda Item 1(PAC): Castleton University Substantive Change Request VSBPE Agenda Item 1PAC_CU Music Education Substantive Change Request.docx (138.95 KB) 11/19/2020 Text
VTmtss System Screener edu-vtmtss-system-screener.docx (740.33 KB) 02/16/2023 Text
Dual Enrollment Early College High School Agreement edu-dual-enrollment-early-college-high-school-agreement.docx (730.64 KB) 08/03/2020 Text
Direct Certification: Template Notification Letter to Families edu-child-nutrition-letter-direct-certfication-parent-letter-SCHOOL-TEMPLATE.docx (22.16 KB) 09/17/2019 Text
Secondary School Participation Agreement Vermont Dual Enrollment and Early College Programs edu-de-ec-hs-participation-form-2019-2020.docx (718.94 KB) 08/21/2019 Text
VT Flexible Pathways Tool: Considerations for Student Participation in a Flexible Pathway edu-flexible-pathways-vt-flexible-pathways-tool-considerations-for-student-participation-in-a-flexible-pathway.docx (740.15 KB) 04/09/2021 Text
ECP - 2019-2020 HE Assurances ECP - 2019-2020 HE Assurances.docx (719.89 KB) 11/15/2019 Text