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VTmtss Field Guide 2019 edu-vtmtss-field-guide-2019.pdf (2.48 MB) 02/26/2020 PDF
VTmtss Driver Diagram Example edu-vtmtss-driver-diagram-example.xlsx (679.36 KB) 05/16/2022 Spreadsheet
VTmtss Driver Diagram edu-vtmtss-driver-diagram.xlsx (674.48 KB) 05/16/2022 Spreadsheet
VTmtss Definition and Logo and Principles edu-vtmtss-definition-logo-and-principles.pdf (653.18 KB) 06/28/2019 PDF
VTmtss (Vermont Multi-tiered System of Supports) Tools - Strengthening the System for the Benefit of All Students (Slidedeck) edu-vtmtss-tools-strengthening-the-system-for-the-benefit-of-all-students.pdf (489.5 KB) 06/08/2022 PDF
VTEd Learns Project Update Oct. 27, 2020: Account Creation for Educators edu-vted-learns-project-update-10-27-account-creation-for-educators.pdf (139.08 KB) 10/27/2020 PDF
VTAOE Data Exchange - All Import File Types Dual Enrollment Data Exchange Import Files.xlsx (112.23 KB) 07/30/2019 Spreadsheet
VT-HEC Letter to the AOE VT_HEC Letter re- initital licensure to AOE 3-21.pdf (194.28 KB) 04/13/2021 PDF
VT Summary of Performance (SOP) – Special Educator Self-Assessment edu-vt-summary-of-performance-special-educator-self-assessment_0.pdf (250.15 KB) 07/12/2023 PDF
VT State Board of Education-Manual of Rules & Practices Series 2000-Ethnic Studies and Social Equity Working Group Recommendations edu-sbe-final sbe eqs rule-6-23-22.pdf (255.73 KB) 06/15/2022 PDF
VT State Board of Education_Rule Series 2360_revised 5-13-2021.pdf VT State Board of Education_Rule Series 2360_revised 5-13-2021.pdf (1.01 MB)
VT State Board of Education Rules for Independent Schools Receiving Public Tuition edu-vt-sbe-rules-for-independent-schools-receiving-public-tuition.pdf (565.75 KB) 04/28/2023 PDF
VT State Board of Education Meeting Agenda - January 19, 2022 edu-state-board-agenda-01-19-22.pdf (163.39 KB) 01/12/2022 PDF
VT State Board of Education Draft Meeting Minutes-January 19, 2022 edu-state-board-final draft minutes-01-19-2022.pdf (242.1 KB) 01/25/2022 PDF
VT SSIP Theory of Action edu-vt-ssip-theory-of-action.pdf (497.21 KB) 01/25/2022 PDF
VT SSIP P3Y6 Report (April 2022) edu-vt-ssip-p3y6-report-february-2022.pdf (874.68 KB) 07/13/2022 PDF
VT SSIP P3Y5 Report (April 2021) edu-vt-ssip-p3y5-report-april-2021.pdf (878.29 KB) 01/19/2022 PDF
VT SSIP P3Y4 Report (April 2020) edu-vt-ssip-p3y4-report-april-2020.pdf (1.86 MB) 06/04/2020 PDF
VT SSIP Evaluation Plan edu-vt-ssip-evaluation-plan.pdf (230.1 KB) 01/25/2022 PDF
VT Part B Results-Driven Accountability (RDA) Matrix 2022 edu-vt-part-b-results-driven-accountability-rda-matrix-2022.pdf (222.26 KB) 07/27/2022 PDF