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Vermont Early Learning Standards

The Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS) website help inform families about the development and capabilities of children from birth through grade 3 and guide educators in the development and selection of program-wide curriculum and educational strategies for children from birth through grade 3. These standards are central to the shared vision of what we want for young children in Vermont and highlight the importance of high quality early childhood experiences as the foundation for school success and lifelong learning. Plainly said, early experiences matter.

The Vermont Early Learning Standards were developed by a cross-section of early childhood development and education stakeholders, and approved by the State Board of Education, to better capture the essential areas of development and learning in the early childhood years from infancy through grade three. VELS is aligned with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics, as well as Next Generation Science Standards.

The Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS) Manual is a companion resource to the Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS) with the intention of supporting and implementing developmentally appropriate practices across Vermont early learning environments and settings.

The purpose of this manual is to help inform how to effectively use the VELS in daily practice and how to align curricula in order to provide high-quality early education for each and every child. The VELS Manual is a fluid document which will be informed by changes in standards, research, and requirements and updated by Vermont’s Agency of Education Early Education Team.