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Ensuring Accessibility

  • Remind faculty and staff of relevant legal expectations around the provision of FAPE, adherence to FERPA, and supporting students in flexible pathways.
  • Support teachers in providing for and engaging with students in both analog and digital formats.
  • Consider the role of support staff in meeting needs of students to access modifications and supports.


Free Appropriate Public Education for Students with Disabilities During School Closure Called for in Governor Scott’s Order from the Agency of Education. This guidance is issued pursuant to Governor Scott’s directive to Vermont’s public supervisory unions and school districts (SU/SDs) and independent schools.

Questions and Answers Regarding Addressing the Needs of Students with Disabilities During School Closure Due to a Novel Coronavirus Outbreak from the Agency of Education. The AOE developed this document as a step in supporting Supervisory Unions and Districts in addressing the needs of students with disabilities during school closures caused by COVID-19.

Special Education During School Closure Due to a Novel Coronavirus Outbreak from the Agency of Education. Provides recommendations for the local-level provision of supports for students with disabilities during the COVID-19 outbreak, with the goal of ensuring continued quality implementation of special education.

Planning for Limited Internet Access from the Tarrant Institute. Remote learning with analog tools.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Map | Telecom / Broadband from the Department of Public Service. Connectivity resources.

Providing Services to Children with Disabilities During the Coronavirus 2019 Outbreak from the US Department of Education.

Supplemental Fact Sheet Addressing the Risk of COVID-19 in Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Schools While Serving Children with Disabilities from the US Department of Education.

eLearning Day Program Guidance for Students with Disabilities from the Indiana Department of Education.

Accessibility for All Students (webinar) from the office of eLearning at the Indiana Department of Education.

Rhode Island Virtual Instruction Day from the Rhode Island Department of Education. Virtual instruction day laws and guidance.

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