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Instruction and Feedback

  • Use an equity lens when making decisions about the use of analog and digital tools and supports. 
  • Create opportunities for teachers and staff to work collaboratively or in teams (e.g., counselors, special education teacher, technology integrationist, English learner teacher, literacy coach, etc.) to best support student. 
  • Provide and prioritize professional learning opportunities for teachers, counselors, and staff around effective remote (including virtual) instructional design, delivery and practice. 
  • Develop alternative plans if a teacher is unable to perform assigned duties 


Getting Up and Running School with Online  from the Vermont Virtual Learning Collaborative. A self-paced, online workshop that helps teachers transition to online learning.

Teachers Guide to Online Learning from Michigan Virtual

The Transition from Face-to-Face to Online Learning: Maintaining an Engaging Experience from Brightspace Community.

Teach from Home from Google. A temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Vermont Equity Lens Tool from the Agency of Education. A draft example of an equity lens tool.

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