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Table data
Title File Category Date File Format
Summer 2021 SFSP Application Packet Overview Summer 2021 SFSP Application Packet Overview.pdf (371.56 KB) 06/08/2021 Text
Verification Log Worksheet edu-nutrition-verification-log-worksheet.docx (231.35 KB) 09/06/2023 Text
HOUSEHOLD INCOME FORM 2021-2022 edu-nutrition-2022-household-income-form.docx (109.06 KB) 06/22/2021 Text
SPANISH HOUSEHOLD INCOME FORM 2021-2022 edu-nutrition-2022-spanish-household-income-form.docx (106.64 KB) 06/22/2021 Text
Nepali Household Income Form 2021-2022 edu-nutrition-2022-nepali-household-income-form.docx (47.64 KB) 06/22/2021 Text
Meal Application Cover Letter and Instructions 2021-2022 edu-nutrition-meal-application-cover-letter-instructions-2021-2022.docx (53.32 KB) 06/23/2021 Text
Facilitation Guide for PLC and Book Study edu-facilitation-guide-for-plc-and-book-study.pdf (579.57 KB) 07/06/2021 Text
Performance Assessments PLC – Delivery Framework for Session 3 edu-performance-assessments-plc-delivery-framework-for-session-3.pdf (577.73 KB) 07/06/2021 Text
Spanish Meal Application Cover Letter and Instructions 2021-2022 edu-nutrition-spanish-notice-households-instructions-2021-2022.docx (42.74 KB) 07/12/2021 Text
Nepali Meal Application Cover Letter and Instructions 2021-2022 edu-nutrition-nepali-notice-households-instructions-2021-2022.docx (62.93 KB) 07/12/2021 Text
Template Broadband Benefit Program Notification Letter edu-nutrition-template-broadband-benefit-program-notification-letter_0 (1).docx (21.8 KB) 09/22/2021 Text
Template Consent Form for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBBP) edu-nutrition-template-consent-form-emergency-broadband-benefit-program.docx (37.65 KB) 07/12/2021 Text
Template Letter of Intent to Participate in CEP SY 2024-25 edu-nutrition-template-letter-of-intent-to-participate-in-cep.docx (23.32 KB) 05/14/2024 Text
VSBPE Agenda Item 3(LC): Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with track changes VSBPE Agenda Item 3LC_Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with track changes.pdf.docx (35.67 KB) 08/05/2021 Text
VSBPE Meeting Minutes - August 5, 2021 VSBPE Minutes August 5, 2021.docx (734.22 KB) 10/19/2021 Text
Secondary Dual Enrollment and Early College Participation Agreement FY22 - Word Document secondary-school-DE-EC-partnership-agreement-PDF-fy22.docx (734.73 KB) 08/19/2021 Text
SSO Media Release Template SSO Media Release Template.docx (28.53 KB) 02/27/2024 Text
Template Student Vaccination Attestation Form Template Student Vaccination Attestation Form.docx (14.97 KB) 08/27/2021 Text
Public Plan for ARP ESSER Spending Template VT LEA Public ESSER Plan.docx (732.92 KB) 08/31/2021 Text
Corrective Action Plan Template edu-corrective-action-plan-template.docx (749.44 KB) 09/01/2021 Text