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Title Sort descending File Category Date File Format
What is Peer Review? What is Peer Review.pdf (416.32 KB) 03/03/2021 PDF
What is Personalized Learning? edu-plp-what-is-personalized-learning.pdf (120.35 KB) 09/22/2017 PDF
What is proficiency-based learning? edu-proficiency-based-learning-what-is-proficiency-based-learning.pdf (202.28 KB) 10/27/2020 PDF
What's New in the VTmtss Field Guide edu-whats-new-in-the-vtmtss-field-guide.pdf (294.89 KB) 06/28/2019 PDF
When is Small Too Small? Efficiency, Equity & the Organization of Vermont Public Schools edu-bbaker-vt-consolidation-march2-20152.pdf (1.44 MB) 03/02/2015 PDF
White River Valley SU AR Summary edu-nutrition-white-river-ar-summary-2019.pdf (329.22 KB) 08/21/2019 PDF
White River Valley SU IFR Final Report edu-ifr-white-river-valley-su-final-report.pdf (438.83 KB) 08/09/2018 PDF
White River Valley Supervisory Union: Response from Root edu-sbe-response-root-wrvsu-9-28-2022.pdf (800.29 KB) 09/30/2022 PDF
Whole Grain-Rich Requirements for the NSLP and SBP in Vermont memo-whole-grain-rich-requirements.pdf (218.37 KB) 02/20/2019 PDF
Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child edu-healthy-safe-schools-whole-school-whole-community-whole-child.pdf (289.63 KB) 08/22/2016 PDF
Whole-Grain Dinner Rolls USDA Recipe for Schools edu-nutrition-USDA-recipe-whole-grain-dinner-rolls.pdf (174.4 KB) 10/29/2021 PDF
Whole-School Restorative Approach Resource Guide edu-integrated-educational-frameworks-whole-school-restorative-approach-resource-guide_0.pdf (1.05 MB) 04/02/2018 PDF
Why is proficiency-based learning important? edu-proficiency-based-education-why-is-proficiency-based-learning-important.pdf (332.74 KB) 05/10/2017 PDF
Why the SECT Data Collection is Mandatory edu-data-why-sect-data-collection-mandatory.pdf (100.92 KB) 08/26/2016 PDF
Why We Assess: Vermont's Focus on Equity in Educational Assessment edu-why-we-assess-vermonts-focus-on-equity-in-educational-assessment.pdf (591.92 KB) 04/27/2022 PDF
Wild Kratts – Resources and Episode Specific Activities edu-wild-kratts-resources-and-episode.pdf (207.83 KB) 10/02/2020 PDF
Wildlife and Lyme Disease: Connections and Control edu-proficiency-based-education-performance-task-wildlife-and-lyme-disease-connections-and-control.docx (234.26 KB) 10/06/2016 Text
Windham Central AR Summary 2018 edu-nutrition-windham-central-ar-summary-2018.pdf (455.16 KB) 07/25/2018 PDF
Windham Central SU Administrative Review Summary edu-nutrition-windham-central-ar-summary-21-22.pdf (713.26 KB) 01/19/2023 PDF
Windham Central SU IFR Final Report edu-ifr-windham-central-su-final-report.pdf (920.03 KB) 08/09/2018 PDF