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Digital Learning

Digital Learning in the Classroom 

All Vermont schools have an obligation to provide relevant and up-to-date tools and resources that support learning for all students.  Certainly, one of those resources is technology in the form of devices that each student can interact with to access the Internet, create and analyze content, collaborate with peers and outside experts virtually, and customize their learning experience. These are but a few of the activities technology can support in enabling student success and achievement. The Education Quality Standards specify that digital and technology resources be maintained and expanded as needed and that access to technology be provided to support students in meeting or exceeding standards. The Vermont Agency of Education holds these expectations as well and they are borne out in the Integrated Field Reviews conducted by the Education Quality Assurance teams.

Technology Standards for Students

The Vermont State Board of Education adopted the International Standards for Technology Education (ISTE) Standards for student learning. The adoption of this framework is aligned with the state’s Education Quality Standards. These standards outline what Vermont students should know and be able to do with respect to information technology, and will guide and inform the work of our schools as they prepare students for college and careers that have been dramatically transformed by information technology.

These new and updated ISTE standards replace outdated standards and will help bring our education in line with innovations and best practice in the use of information technologies in schools.

Digital Learning Beyond the Classroom

Vermont students sometimes encounter obstacles that pre­vent them from tak­ing the classes they want or need in schools. These problems may occur due to course avail­abil­ity, course acces­si­bil­ity, or other reasons that require flex­i­bil­ity in your edu­ca­tion. The following online learning opportunities can help students find and access a variety of courses dur­ing a time that works for you. 

Online Learning

The Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative, or VTVLC, is an educational program operating under the River Valley Technical Center in Springfield VT.  VTVLC partners with Vermont schools and also employs licensed VT educators to facilitate their courses to provide over 300 online courses to schools across VT in a cooperative model.  VTVLC on average supports 1500 student learners per year and is currently serves with more than 70 schools and organizations.  Students can take courses on a semester calendar, on-demand, or other courses in a summer credit-recovery option. 

Vermont students not taking online courses with VTVLC, have also explored learning opportunities with the following organizations: 

  • Virtual High School, based in Maynard, MA
  • APEX Brown University
  • Community College of Vermont (CCV)
  • Brigham Young University (BYU Online)
  • University of Vermont
  • Middlebury Interactive Languages
  • PLATO UDEMY Online Courses
  • American School
  • Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC)
  • Virtual Learning Academy Charter School