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Driver and Traffic Safety Education

The Agency of Education (AOE) is responsible for providing technical assistance to driver education instructors and school administrators in schools throughout the state and for approving driver education programs in all of the state's high schools. Each driver education program must provide a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction, six hours of in-vehicle instruction and six hours of in-vehicle observation. Classroom instruction must include the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving, motor vehicle liability insurance, and motor vehicle financial responsibility.

Driver Educators

School Driver and Traffic Safety Programs

A school representative must complete the Driver Education Program Approval form and submit it to the AOE at least five working days before the start of any program. Only one completed form should be submitted for each school. The completed form should reflect the school's entire driver education program.  

Driver Education Program Approval Form

Vehicle Registration/Plate Transfer Form

If your school is using State Plates (plates that begin with an E) and you need to register a new vehicle or transfer your State plate from one vehicle to another, Please use this form to submit your registration/transfer request:

Driver Education Vehicle Registration/Plate Transfer Form

Reimbursement and Student Enrollment Report

Schools receive reimbursement for students who complete (either pass or fail) all phases of an approved Driver Education program (30 hrs class, 6 hrs driving, 6 hrs observation). Schools are not reimbursed for students who drop or are incomplete. 

Submit Forms

Please submit the Driver Education Program Approval form and Reimbursement and Student Enrollment form to:

Office of Driver and Traffic Safety Education
Agency of Education
1 National Life Drive, Davis 5
Montpelier, VT 05620-2501

Driver Education for Students


Email Tammy Pregent or call (802) 828-1450.