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Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative


What is VTVLC? 

The Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC) is Vermont’s partner in providing a range of online and blended learning opportunities to school districts and students. VTVLC is an education organization at River Valley Technical Center School District in Springfield, Vermont that offers statewide access to online and blended learning opportunities. VTVLC works under a cooperative model with public schools and districts, and partners with other entities to support flexible pathway for students, as well as to provide access to accredited curricula and courses for schools to use. There are no fees associated with being a partner school but there are differences in the number of enrollments and options a partner school can offer to students at no cost based on whether they contribute teaching partners to the cooperative model. As a flexible pathway, online and blended learning offers schools, students, and families access to a learning environment and structure that can address the diverse educational needs of individual students and groups of students.  

State-supported Flexible Pathway 

The Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) provides state funding to support these types of programs to provide access to online learning. Online learning is just one flexible pathway that a student may choose on their path to graduation. Students pursuing flexible pathways remain in attendance at their respective schools and continue to work toward meeting graduation requirements. 

The AOE continues to support growing and sustaining this flexible pathway to meet the diverse learning needs of students statewide. The AOE has created toolkits that can be found on the Flexible Pathways webpage to assist schools in determining if online learning, as well as other flexible pathways, is an appropriate pathway for both the school and student. 

Information for Schools 

The Vermont Agency of Education has continued to support VTVLC with expanded support for elementary learning, with the addition of K-6 curriculum to its existing K-12 curriculum. The VTVLC Student Spotlight page demonstrates how this program works for students. 

Online and Blended Opportunities for Students 2021 -2022 – This document clarifies how VTVLC fits with current guidance about attendance, provision of online learning opportunities for students and families, as well as implications for ADM. 

Full-Time Options for Students 

VTVLC offers two types of full-time enrollment for high school students: ‘Full Time Enrollment’ and ‘Collaborative Diploma Program (CDP)’. If the student currently attends a school, the first step should be to inquire with the local school regarding full time enrollment with VTVLC. If the student lives in a town with a non-operating school, the first step should be to coordinate with their district of residence and VTVLC.  

Full-Time 9-12 Cost 

To find more information on the cost for full-time enrollment visit the VTVLC website

Collaborative Diploma Program Cost 

No cost to the student if they reside in a non-operating town. 

Partnering Schools 

For information about partnering with VTVLC whether as a Teaching Partner School or as a Non-Teaching Partner School please refer to the VTVLC Partnership page

 VTVLC Supports Include:   

  1. Consulting Special Educator for coordination of supports with local case managers and special educators for students on IEPs and 504 Plans to ensure compliance and adherence to district plans. 

  1. Support staff for registration, student, and family support 

  1. Coordination with school counselors regarding class schedules, transcription, and grade level transition 

  1. Tier I LMS Support & VTVLC Tech Support Team 

  1. Technology ecosystem, including SIS and LMS, that supports proficiency-based grading. 

Information for Students/Families 

In the sections below, please find information about how to access VTVLC for your students. 

VTVLC Student Testimonials – Vermont students enrolled in VTVLC are finding online learning fun, flexible, and rewarding. Visit the VTVLC student spotlight page to read more. 

VTVLC Open Houses – VTVLC hosts virtual Open Houses for students and families. For more information and to register for these events, please visit the VTVLC Events page. 

VTVLC as a full-time option for students 

Online and Blended Learning as a Flexible Pathway is an opportunity for families on a case-by-case basis that can be addressed through a student’s Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). This option requires planning between the family, school, and VTVLC. 

VTVLC offers two types of full-time enrollment for high school students: ‘Full Time Enrollment’ and ‘Collaborative Diploma Program (CDP).’ If the student currently attends a school, the first step should be to inquire with the local school regarding full time enrollment with VTVLC. If the student lives in a town within a non-operating district, the first step should be to contact VTVLC. 

Option 1: Full Time Enrollment 9-12  

Students in grades 9-12 will enroll in all Core Subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts) and learn from certified Vermont Educators who also hold the Online Teaching Specialist Endorsement (OTS). Electives are available for a complete program. Schools continue to provide devices, meals, and counseling. 

Option 2: Collaborative Diploma Program (CDP) 

This program allows students who live in a town within a non-operating district, the option of earning their high school diploma from a geographically distant Vermont public high school. Supported by VTVLC, students can work with a CDP school and enroll in core academic courses, electives, project-based learning, and even health and personal fitness courses entirely online. 

Students will work with an advisor/mentor from their CDP school and be supported by VTVLC teachers holding both Vermont content area endorsements and the additional Online Teaching Specialist (OTS) endorsement. In addition, a student success coach, and a team of VTVLC staff will be available to assist students with everything from technical questions to time management. 

Information for Home Study Students/Families 

There are two options for Home Study students to access VTVLC curriculum - parent facilitated and teacher facilitated.  

Teacher facilitated option allows you to enroll your child in VTVLC courses with a Vermont licensed teacher who also holds the Online Teaching Specialist endorsement. You may enroll your child in either (or a combination of) Traditional or On-Demand enrollment courses. 

There are two different ways in which the fees can be covered. You can ask for support from the local school or pay out of pocket.