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Transcript Review

Current endorsement competencies can be found in the Rules Governing the Licensing of Educators and the Preparation of Educational Professionals Rule Series 5100. If you have any questions, please contact the Licensing Office for technical assistance at (802) 828-3440.

Educators may apply via Transcript Review for initial licensure, to receive an endorsement for a specific area of expertise, or for current licensees who wish to add new endorsements for specific areas of expertise.

Please review our Transcript Review Application Process flowchart, which gives a detailed overview of the process. If you are applying for licensure through reciprocity from or through a recommendation from an education preparation program in New Mexico or South Dakota, please contact a licensing specialist at, as rules regarding reciprocity with these states is in the process of changing.

Transcripts are required for all Transcript Review applications. Only transcripts are applicable to this application, no other experience is accepted.  You may upload your transcripts directly to your application checklist.

The following endorsements shall be exempt from the Praxis Core testing requirements for initial licensure:

  • 30 Driver and Traffic Safety Education (in-vehicle instruction only
  • 16 Junior ROTC Instructor
  • 65 School Nurse
  • 54 Social Worker
  • 65A Associate School Nurse
  • 60 Work-based Learning Coordinator

Initial Endorsement

Help Guide: Transcript Review for Initial Licensure, and includes only a limited list of endorsements:

Core Teaching Standards Worksheet - for Initial Endorsements only

  • Assistant Director for Adult Education
  • Business Education
  • Career and Technical Education Director
  • CTE Special Needs Coordinator
  • Design and Technology Education
  • Driver and Traffic Safety Education
  • Educational Technology Specialist
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • School Librarian
  • School Nurse
  • Associate School Nurse
  • School Psychologist
  • School Social Worker
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Teacher of the Visually Impaired
  • Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Additional Endorsement

The Expand Instructional Level worksheet is only for those looking to increase the grade levels of an existing endorsement for which they are currently licensed. For a new endorsement, please see the full list of transcript review worksheets at the bottom of this page.

Completing an application online

Download and complete the worksheet below for the endorsement you are requesting. Complete the online application and upload the worksheet to your checklist. Complete applications include:

  • Copy(ies) of any transcript that includes coursework to be considered (only completed courses with a grade of B or better will be considered).
  • Syllabi from the courses you will consider that include a course description and course objectives.
  • Evidence you have met testing requirements. Praxis Core or the equivalent is only required if applying for initial licensure. See Vermont’s Testing Requirements for Educator Licenses for endorsements that require Praxis II testing
  • Verification you have completed the required practicum.
  • Core Teaching Standards Worksheet. If applying for your initial Vermont teaching license, verification you have completed 13 consecutive weeks of student teaching or the internship required for the endorsement, with a licensed mentor teacher in the endorsement you are seeking.