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Peer Review - Alternative Route to Licensure

Vermont offers an "alternate route to licensure" for those who have not completed a traditional educator preparation program at a college or university. Vermont's alternate route is  License by Evaluation or "Peer Review." Every Peer Review candidate completes a portfolio, which  is reviewed by experienced teachers culminating in an interview.

Acceptance into the Peer Review program requires:

It is expected that Peer Review Candidates meet the following requirements prior to submitting an application. Applications will not be held open to accommodate testing schedules.

  • A candidate must hold a B.A./ B.S./ B.F.A. Official transcripts may be sent to
  • All Praxis Core (or alternate test scores) and Praxis II (if applicable to endorsement sought) successfully passed and scores submitted to Agency of Education. Please see testing requirements.
  • A current resume - please include relevant teaching experience.

Peer Review Clinics

Each online Peer Review Clinic is a 2-hour long technical presentation detailing the portfolio and Peer Review process. Attendance of a clinic is required for all Peer Review Candidates prior to submitting their portfolio, and participants must complete the clinic survey to receive a certificate of attendance. Acceptance into Peer Review is not required to attend a clinic. Candidates may apply to Peer Review before or after attending a clinic. Attendance of a clinic is NOT the same as acceptance into the program; you must apply through our online licensing software to participate in Peer Review.

When you register below, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. If the clinic is full, you will receive the message, “The form has received the maximum number of responses” at the top of your browser and will need to select another date. You will not receive a confirmation email with the meeting link until the day of the event.

Clinics will be held as a Microsoft Teams Live Event, but you are not required to download the app. You will receive a confirmation email with the link the day of the event. During the event, there is a Q&A Chat for questions. Questions specific to your unique situation should be directed to after attending a clinic. You will receive a certificate of attendance after completing a survey link provided at the clinic.

If you are visually or hearing impaired, please contact the Peer Review Coordinator at or (802) 828-0768 and appropriate accommodations will be identified.

Peer Review Clinics will be held online on the following dates and times:

Apply for Licensure

Please be advised that application processing fees are non-refundable.