State Board Committees

Education Quality Standards (EQS) Rule Update Committee

Contact: Tammy Kolbe, Co-Chair, and Kim Gleason (Co-Chair), EQS Rule Update Committee

Committee Members: Tammy Kolbe (Co-Chair), Kim Gleason (Co-Chair), Tom Lovett


Independent School Approval Review Committee

Contact: Tom Lovett, Chair, Independent School Approval Review Committee

Committee Members: Tom Lovett (Chair), Jenna O’Farrell, Lyle Jepson


Roles and Responsibilities Committee

Tammy Kolbe (Chair), Lyle Jepson, Jenna O'Farrell, Richard Werner


Ripton Status Report Review Subcommittee

Committee Members: Lyle Jepson, Jenna O’Farrell, Kim Gleason, Tammy Kolbe

State Board of Education: Statement on Preparedness for the Ripton School District


Rule Series 2200 Committee

Contact: Jennifer Deck Samuelson, Chair, Rule Series 2200 Subcommittee

Committee Members: Jennifer Deck Samuelson, Tom Lovett, Kim Gleason